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Quiz King of Fighters (クイズ キング・オブ・ファイターズ) is a quiz game developed by Saurus and released by SNK on February 1, 1995. It was ported to the Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD game systems and remains exclusive to Japan. The game is the third quiz game to be released by SNK.


The story given by SNK is as follows:

"Quiz City is dangerous!" Yuri Sakazaki screams before she is kidnapped. Who is Yuri's kidnapper? And what is "Quiz City"? Called by the city's challenge, six heroes brace themselves and prepare to test their mettle in the streets!


Similar to a boardgame, each player starts their turns by rolling a dice and moving forward the said number of spaces. Each space has a different event that can take place once a player lands on it. One of the scenarios includes a special move challenge with two players, where the game will flash a command input on the screen and reward the fastest player with a free turn or extra life.

The most common space result is a quiz challenge from a character from Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, or Samurai Shodown. Questions range from entertainment, sports, politics, geography, and SNK trivia about their characters. Players are given a short amount of time to answer each question. They will lose a block of life if they get the answer wrong or cannot answer before the timer runs out.

Battle sequences also follow the quiz format, as players cannot hurt their enemies until they get an answer correct. If the player answers with no seconds lost from the counter, their selected character will perform a stronger attack than usual. The enemies' life percentage varies with each character, encouraging players to get fast answers to end a match quickly. The final goal of the game is to defeat the main antagonist of the game in a quiz battle.

Although the title suggests as much, neither Kyo or Iori make an appearance in the game.


Playable Heroes

  • Ryo Sakazaki - Leaves his home to save his sister, Yuri.
  • Robert Garcia - Goes to Quiz City to try to impress Yuri.
  • Terry Bogard - Wanting to test his wits, he sets his sights on Quiz City.
  • Mai Shiranui - Worried about her teammate, she goes to save her.
  • Haohmaru - While on his journey to greatness, he finds himself in Quiz City.
  • Nakoruru - Drawn to the city because of the evil entities she sensed.
  • Takuma Sakazaki - Secret character. Enters Quiz City to save his daughter.

(NOTE) Ryo, Mai and Takuma all enter Quiz City for the same reason.


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