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Company that created the Neo Geo. Stands for Shin Nihon Kikaku (New Japan Project). Operated from 1978-2001. Began creating arcade games in the late ‘70s, created a number of popular series (like Ikari Warriors) in the early ‘80s and ported many of them onto computers and the venerable NES. In 1989, SNK entered the home system market with the Neo Geo, the first ‘premium’ home system. Hit with a series of growing financial problems starting in the late ‘90s, SNK finally closed on Oct. 22, 2001. Gamers everywhere mourned. Fortunately, SNK's intellectual property rights (and more importantly its spirit) were carried on by Playmore Corp. starting in late 2001. In 2003, Playmore officially changed its name to SNK-Playmore (SNK-P). See Playmore and SNK-P.