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Playmore Corporation. Official successor to SNK. Originated in S. Korea, now located in Japan. Owns all intellectual property rights held by the former company and develops and distributes games for its Neo Geo systems as well as for other popular systems. It owns Sun Amusement Corp. (Japan); Noise Factory (Developer); SNK NeoGeo USA Corp. (USA); SNK NeoGeo H.K. Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong); SNK NeoGeo Korea Co. Ltd. (S. Korea). Founded in 2001, the company changed its name to SNK-Playmore after winning a lawsuit in Japan for the "SNK" title (Aruze attempted to hold onto the SNK name within the Japanese market). By starting under the new name "Playmore", the company was able to move back into the Japanese market without immediately getting into a legal battle with the much larger company, Aruze.