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Template:CharacterInfoboxTemjin (テムジン) is a character who was introduced in Art of Fighting 2. He is voiced by Yoshinori Shima.


The one and only Mongolian dock worker at the Southtown port, Tem resigned himself to a period of menial work as a manure loader, finding the job to be $25 an hour. Tem persevered on, earning money for the small school in Mongolia where he dreams of teaching one day. In his ending, Temjin becomes the principal of the school Terry Bogard was attending to.


Temjin is a pure heart who fights for the good of others.


  • Ignore weight: Temjin can throw his opponents around regardless of their weight.
  • Energy Wall: Temjin can lift up a wall of energy.

Fighting Style

Temjin uses Mongolian wrestling as his fighting style, which is considered to be one of the "Three Manly Skills" of Mongolian culture alongside horsemanship and archery and is generally considered to be the most important of the three.


  • Muteki (Invincible) - Art of Fighting 2

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  • Temjin resembles retired American pro-wrestler Matthew Jason Bloom (under the brief guise & gimmick of Tensai). Both dress in red robes, both have a fat/muscular build, & both are/were powerful wrestlers, & both have been around since the '90s.
  • His name is one letter short of Temüjin, birth name of Genghis Khan.


Art of Fighting 2