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Template:CharacterInfoboxAxel Hawk (アクセル・ホーク) is a character introduced in Fatal Fury 2. He is also the teacher and friend of Michael Max.

He was an unplayable character in Fatal Fury 2, serving as the second sub-boss of the game. In Fatal Fury Special, Axel was introduced as a playable character with many tweaks and new moves available.

Plenty of his design, mannerism and overall fighting style is heavily based on former heavyweight champion George Foreman, just like Foreman, Axel will pretend he doesn't feel pain when hit and will retaliate with very strong punches.


Axel is a former heavy weight boxing champion. He retired from the ring to stay in good health but was scouted by Wolfgang Krauser. Convinced of Krauser's skill, he agreed to be one of his three defenders. However, Axel grew worried for his mother's well being while working for the crimelord and quit crime after Krauser's defeat. He became Michael Max's instructor soon after.

He is also mentioned to be an acquaintance of Franco Bash and the two boxers share a drink together in Bob Wilson's ending for Fatal Fury 3.


Axel is a proud fighter who also thinks highly of himself. He won't pull any punches for anyone but his mother.


  • Tornado Attack - Axel can fire a small tornado with an uppercut.
  • Sonic Punches - In spite of Axel's big body, he can perform extremely quick punches.

Fighting Style

Axel is a heavyweight boxer who relies more on his strong punches than on speed and footwork.

Just like most of the boxing characters in fighting games, Axel moves rely solely in punching, making all his kick button attacks into different punches.

In his Fatal Fury 2 incarnation as an unplayable character, Axel will throw a boomerang-like projectile while punching quickly. In Fatal Fury Special, he adopted Michael Max's Hurricane Upper while his rapid succession of punches from his former projectile remains only as a close-up attack. Also, his "Bust You Up!" attack became his Desperation Move in FFS.


  • Kinkukonku - Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special

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