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Template:CharacterInfoboxFranco Bash (フランコ・バッシュ, Furanko Basshu) is a character introduced in Fatal Fury 3. He is voiced by B.J. Love.


Franco is a former super heavy kickboxing champion who was undefeated during his fighting career. He presumably retired to raise a family and became an airplane mechanic at South Town Airport to continue supporting them. In order to motivate the champ to fight in the tournament, Yamazaki kidnapped Franco's son, Junior. Franco reluctantly serves as his right-hand man until his son is returned to him after Yamazaki's defeat. He participates in the following tournament due to his family's encouragements to make a formal comeback for his fighting career.


Franco was introduced as a tragic 'hero' who was searching for his son and would not stop at any cost. After finding his son, he becomes comic relief used by SNK and his personality becomes somewhat goofy and very noisy.


  • Energy Projectile - Franco can fire a projectile of energy that moves through the ground.
  • Energy Attacks - Franco can deliver punches and kicks infused with energy.
  • Fire Attacks - Franco can set his fists on fire.
  • Hurricane Punch - Franco can surround his arm in a whirlwind and attack his opponent.


  • Mechanical Engineering - Franco is a professional mechanical engineer, being a former airplane engineer.
  • Power Lifting - is an accomplished bodybuilder able to lift vast amounts at a time.

Fighting Style

Franco is a Kickboxer who uses a very unorthodox martial style. He is surprisingly fast for his size, and excels in high-low mixup games and chain combos.


  • Shiroi Franco (White Franco) - Fatal Fury 3 - Real Bout Fatal Fury
  • Goli Rock - Real Bout Fatal Fury Special - Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

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  • He is nicknamed Mario by Japanese fans.
  • He looks vaguely similar to Capcom's Mike Haggar; however, this is merely a coincidence.


Real Bout Fatal Fury Real Bout Fatal Fury Special


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