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Template:CharacterInfoboxJack Turner (ジャック・ターナー, Jakku Tānā) is a character from the Art of Fighting series.


Jack Turner is a member of Mr. Big's syndicate, and a developer of his own fighting style. One of Mr. Big's highest-ranking subordinates, he devastates anyone who crosses his path. After a fight with Ryo and Robert at Mac's Bar, Jack claims that he saw Yuri was taken to Chinatown. Jack is also the leader of the Southtown gang known as the Neo Black Cats. Humorously, in the English version of Jack's ending in AOF2, it was revealed that he wanted to make the gang into a dance group.


Jack is a brash man who likes to beat anyone who crosses his path. He doesn't like to take orders from Mr. Big but knows he is more powerful than him.


  • Energy Attacks - Jack can infuse his attacks with energy.

Fighting Style

Jack uses a fighting style based on street fighting, although he has some boxing, kickboxing and pro wrestling moves, like his Dropkick.


  • Mame mame mame - Art of Fighting
  • Yakara (Gang) - Art of Fighting 2

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  • In one of the stages in The King of Fighters XIII, there is a poster with Jack's face on it advertising the Neo Black Cats. It would seem that he finally achieved his dream of turning them into an interpretive dance group.
  • His dislike of Chinese food likely stems from a US saying of how Chinese food never makes one full no matter how much one eats.


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