Art of Fighting

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Art of FIghting US Flyer.jpg
Developer SNK
Meg Count 102
NGH # 044
Release Neo Geo MVS - 9/24/1992
Neo Geo Home - 12/11/1992
Neo Geo CD - 9/9/1994
Director(s) Hiroshi Matsumoto
Producer(s) Eikichi Kawasaki
Designer(s) Ahokamen Boke
Teizo Muta
Tony Oki
Programmer(s) John Guso
Composer(s) Masahiko Hataya
Toshio Shimizu
Yasumasa Yamada
Genre(s) Fighting

Art of Fighting (の), Ryuuko no Ken, which literally translates to "Fist of the Dragon and Tiger" but can also be interpreted as "Fist of Two Mighty Rivals") is a fighting game developed by SNK.


Ryo and Robert are the only playable characters in the single player story mode, although eight of the game's ten characters are playable by default in the two player versus mode. Mr. Big and Mr. Karate can be played in the Neo Geo MVS (arcade) version by reaching their respective stages in the game then having a second player join in, and in the Neo Geo AES (console) version through the use of cheat codes.

The assignment for the four buttons are weak punch (A), weak kick (B), strong punch or kick (C), and taunt (D). The A or B button must be tapped first before the button C can be used to perform the stronger attacks. Pressing A and C together will perform a hook punch and holding B and C will allow players to execute a shin kick. Throws are performed by holding down the C button and left or right with the joystick. The game also allowed select characters to launch attacks from the "wall" or side of the screen by pressing C and perform a kick.

The game introduced the concept of the spirit gauge, a special bar underneath the heath bar that indicated how often a character could perform a special move and its effectiveness. Every time a character is taunted by their opponent or uses a special move, this bar decreases with special attacks becoming weaker as it turns red. When it is depleted, the character must recharge this bar by holding down the A or B button.


Taking place in 1978, Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia set out to find Ryo's sister, Yuri, who has been kidnapped by Mr. Big. Mr. Big has taken the girl to entice Takuma Sakazaki, Ryo's father and originator of the fictional form of karate known as Kyokugen Karate ("Extreme style"), and because Ryo refused to work for Big. After they defeat Mr. Big, Ryo and Robert face the enigmatic Mr. Karate. Art of Fighting's story ends with a cliff-hanger; Yuri is about to disclose the true identity of Mr. Karate as their father Takuma.


Cartridge/CD Shots


Super Famicon/SNES, Mega Drive/Genesis, TurboGrafx-CD




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Todoh's Stage - Karuta
King's Stage - L'Amor
Jack's Stage - Mac's Bar
Mr. Big's Stage - The Factory
John's Stage - The Guardian
Mr. Karate's Stage - The Karate Gym
Pai Long's Stage - China Town
Mickey's Stage - Downtown