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Template:CharacterInfoboxTung Fu Rue (タン・フー・ルー or 糖 胡芦, Tan Fū Rū, Pinyin: Táng Hú Lú) is a Fatal Fury character who debuted in the original Fatal Fury game. He is a master of Hakkyokuseiken and instructed Geese Howard, Jeff Bogard, and to a lesser extent Cheng Sinzan. His name is really an alias and its namesake is actually the same egg dish listed in his profile. The characters in the alternative spelling of his name are the same as the Chinese confectionery Tang hu lu.


Fatal Fury

The legendary master of Hakkyokuseiken, Tung Fu Rue was the former master of both the noble Jeff Bogard and the power hungry Geese Howard. Although he had trained both men, he wanted Jeff to be his only successor since he displayed proper decorum for a honorable fighter. Geese caught wind of this and murdered Jeff out of jealousy. Tung was saddened by the loss and dropped the idea of adopting a successor. Tung had entered the 1992 edition of The King of Fighters tournament held by Geese, but was eventually defeated.

In his ending for Fatal Fury Special, he seems to have overexerted himself and is hospitalized. This scene is most likely a callback to the first OVA since he is fine throughout the rest of the series. He decides to live the rest of his days in retirement and he occasionally enters a competition to keep in shape. Though he taught Terry for a time, Tung made it a policy to refuse any other disciples. He seems to break this in Real Bout by apparently making the Jin brothers his apprentices. Some endings in Real Bout 2 show him taking only Jin Chonrei as his apprentice though, with Jin Chonshu staying with Kim Kaphwan.

The King of Fighters

He's established to have connections with Saisyu Kusanagi and Chin Gentsai in this series. Before The King of Fighters XIV, Tung found the orphan Shun'ei. Sensing good in the boy, Tung raised Shun'ei as one of his last disciples alongside Meitenkun.


Tung is wise and calm, always thinking twice before he acts. He is always eager to help those of good will. His "relaxed" nature is sometimes used for comedic factor in the games.


  • Pump Up - Tung Fu Rue can fill his entire body or just a part of it with chi energy, enhancing his muscles and physical strength. Though in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, he was able to create and solidify illusions of this form to hit opponents with its mass.
  • Sense - Tung can sense the presence of people nearby.
  • Gather Energy - Tung can absorb Chi energy from Gaia.
  • Energy Projectiles - Tung can fire a short ranged projectile or energy beam.
  • Energy Attacks - Tung's can infuse his attacks with Chi energy.
  • Multiple Attacks - Tung can perform a barrage of attacks in rapid intervals.

Fighting Style

Tung Fu Rue uses the skills learned from Hakkyokuseiken to focus his energy into his attacks in conjunction with kung fu-inspired techniques, especially based on Bajiquan (the basis for Hakkyokuseiken's naming) and other explosive-based martial arts. Though in later games, he is able to form illusions of his muscular proportions for a variety of techniques, which still allows him to use his base form to maintain his agility and finesse.

Fatal Fury is the only game where he did not use the standard Hakkyokuseiken fighting stance. One of his attacks, the Senshippo, made it into Sie Kensou's moveset in KOF '99 and several other kenpo fighters' movesets from other fighting games.

In Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, Tung Fu Rue also gains the ability to use EX special moves, which are special moves that involve expending a single power gauge stock or half of it to perform enhanced attacks (that of course, predate their usage in the KOF series via KOF XIII). This ability is reworked in KOF XI to instead have his EX moves become slower via lag but with no meter cost, though they all retain the meter cost trait when EX moves are used universal mechanic in KOF XIV.

In both those games, Tung Fu Rue's latest strongest technique, the Chou Shou Nami, is most likely a parody of the MAX Power Kamehameha technique used by Muten Roushi AKA Master Roshi in the Dragon Ball franchise.


  • Chuugoku Yonsen'nen no Rekishi (Four Thousand Years of Chinese History) - Fatal Fury
  • Chuugoku Yonsen'nen no Rekishi to Wa Ika Ni (Certainly Four Thousand Years of Chinese History) - Fatal Fury Special
  • Chuugoku Yonsen'nen no Rekishi to Wa Ika Ni Ii (What About Four Thousand Years of Chinese History?) - Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
  • Inheritance - The King of Fighters XIV
  • Pasta -KOF XIV ver.- - The King of Fighters XIV (as Andy's opponent)

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Tung Fu Rue's card from Card Fighters Clash DS.

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