EX Tung Fu Rue

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File:EX Tung.png
EX Tung Fu Rue's in-game portrait.

EX Tung Fu Rue (EXタン・フー・ルー) is another version of Tung Fu Rue.


Having grown weary of his stale lifestyle, Tung leaves his home looking for adventure. The problem is that his old age has also affected his memory and he has become very forgetful and clumsy. He is so forgetful that he seems to have even forgotten Terry and his friends. An exasperated Terry tries to help the elder remember his place in life.


  • Gather Energy - EX Tung can absord Chi energy from Gaia.
  • Energy Projectile - EX Tung can fire a short ranged projectile.
  • Energy Attacks - EX Tung's attacks can be fueled by Chi energy.
  • Fast Moves - EX Tung can move his arms and legs several times at almost the same time.

Fighting Style

He fights using Tung's moveset from Fatal Fury Special.

Game Appearances

es:EX Tung Fu Rue