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Template:GameInfoboxReal Bout Garou Densetsu Special Dominated Mind (リアルバウト餓狼伝説スペシャルドミネイテッドマインド, Garou Densetsu Supesharu Domineiteddo Maindo) is a port of Real Bout Fatal Fury Special that was released for the PlayStation in 1998 exclusively in Japan (with no known western ports produced whatsoever). The main additions are a new playable character, Alfred, and a new boss, White. The game comes with a Fan Collection disk consisting of interviews with Fatal Fury characters.


The story centers around White's brainwashing of Billy Kane and attempted takeover of South Town's underworld in the power vacuum left by Geese Howard's death in the original Real Bout.

A translation of the official story is as follows:

South Town, the spirited crime city in America. Once there was a man who owned and dictated the city. The man's name was Geese Howard. To defeat him, countless martial artists have met in South Town. Among them was a young man named Terry Bogard who defeated Geese. The death match that took place to defeat Geese was written into legend by the town's people. The wolves starved for battle, the legend of the hungry wolves.

Time passes... a new shadow slips into town after Geese's death. White and his mysterious armed servant scheme to make a profit from South Town. White has Geese's former right hand man, Billy Kane, in his ranks. Hereafter, any other strong warrior that opposes him will be put under his mind control. What will become of South Town's fate? The new legend to save the town must be made by you!

Gameplay changes

The ability to move across 3D planes of a stage and EX characters are removed. Character movesets are altered to include their EX and The King of Fighters series counterparts. A super cancel mode is introduced named a Final Impact allows special moves to be cancelled into supers. Also, a majority of characters now have secret super moves that can be unlocked.

In this version, Geese also sports a halo over his head in the character select screen, emphasizing his posthumous exanimate status.


The new characters added in this version is:

  • Alfred Airhawk, the protagonist of the game, is a young pilot who flies with his mentor, John. His father died in an accident ten years before the events of the game;
  • White, a dangerous crime lord,is in control of one of the most formidable weapon and drug dealing organizations in the world.



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