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Template:CharacterInfobox Jeff Bogard (ジェフ・ボガード, Jefu Bogādo) is a background character from the Fatal Fury series. He is the adoptive father of Terry Bogard and Andy Bogard. His age is not known, but he was older than Geese Howard before his death.


Jeff Bogard was a student of the secret Hakkyokuseiken school. There he met fellow students Geese Howard and Cheng Sinzan, and soon, they became good friends. Training under master Tung Fu Rue, the three would become known at the time as the "Three Brothers of Godly Battle". As time passed, the day came where Tung had to choose one of his two best students (Jeff and Geese) to pass the secret techniques of the school. Tung saw that Geese had evil ambitions and Jeff had a good heart, so he chose Jeff. Geese was mad and left swearing revenge to both of them.

In 1981, Jeff returned to the USA with his master, Tung. There, he adopted two sons, Terry and Andy. One day, Jeff, Tung and the kids were walking down the street, while a car stopped them. Geese's men attacked Jeff with knives, badly injuring him. Geese then jumped off the car and attacked the injured Jeff, killing him in front of his two children.

Bereaved and in grievance, it was this tragedy that motivated the Bogard brothers to travel around the world to learn martial arts, so that one day they might get their revenge against the man that killed their father, Geese Howard. Before partaking in any tournament, the brothers pay their respects at his gravestone.


Jeff had a caring heart and he loved children. That's because he grew up all alone and didn't want to see any children having the same experience.

Jeff's personality now lives in the heart of his two children.


None officially confirmed, but could have had the signature powers gained from his study and training of Hakkyokuseiken.

Fighting Style

Judging from the OVA and the intro in Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Jeff used to fight with a Karate/Kung Fu-like fighting style. Tung's backstory reveals that he taught Jeff almost all of his moves except for his well known pump up ability. Krauser's backstory mentions that Jeff scarred his forehead with a Power Wave. In his character image album, Terry recognizes Jeff as his idol that he can never hope to top.

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