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Template:CharacterInfoboxBig Bear (ビッグ・ベア, Biggu Bea) is a character from the Fatal Fury series of fighting games made by SNK.


After Geese Howard was defeated, Raiden took off his heel persona and started using a face persona as Big Bear. He started fighting as a face and became good friends with Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi. He was invited to The King of Fighters world tournament held by Wolfgang Krauser, but lost.


As a fan favorite, Bear is a cheerful man who is looking for a good fight.


  • Fire Breath - Bear can turn his breath into fire. It is unknown if this is actually a power or if he uses a 'trick' to do this.
  • Power Lifting - Bear is able to lift 3 times his own weight over his head.

Fighting Style

Just like Raiden, Big Bear uses the same fighting style, but doesn't use as many dirty tricks.


  • Yuusha Raiden (Raiden the Brave) - Fatal Fury 2, Special

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