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Human heavy bomber big bomber; The power to crush the opponent at once with an unconventional giant and superhuman strength is megaton class. When he was just starting out with SWF, he formed a giant combination with a wrestler named "Leiden" and was a heavyweight tag champion, but his popularity was concentrated on "Leiden", so he was jealous of it and split up. Now called a "human heavy bomber", it is feared.

"I'll win and let Leiden bark!"

Age 35 years old
Height 213 cm
Weight 199 kg
Origin Spain
Favorite food Beef stew
Hobbies Cooking
Attack power ★★★★★
Durability ★★★★★
Ease of handling

The Big Bomberder (ビッグ・ボンバーダー , Bīgu Bonbādā) is a character from 3 Count Bout. He could have been modeled on The Bushwackers


The Big Bomberder is the heel persona of the masked Gochack Bigbomb. He is a Spanish pro wrestler that isn't liked by anyone because of his brutish mannerisms.


He is very cocky because of his body strength.

Game Appearances

3 Count Bout