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3 Count Bout Arcade Flyer.jpg
Developer SNK
Meg Count 106
NGH # 043
Release Neo Geo MVS - 3/25/1993
Neo Geo Home - 4/23/1993
Neo Geo CD - 4/21/1995
Producer(s) Eikichi Kawasaki
Designer(s) Hiroyuki Kawano
Yasuaki Uenoyama
Artist(s) Mina Kawai
Nishi Futatsu
T. Maeda
Composer(s) Masahiko Hataya
Genre(s) Fighting, Sports

3 Count Bout, known as Fire Suplex (ファイヤースープレックス) in Japan, is a wrestling arcade game released by SNK in 1993.


3 Count Bout Gameplay.gif

Players can play as one of 10 fictional professional wrestlers to fight for the SWF championship title. Along with the standard wrestling match, fights locations include venues such as car parks and factories (turning it into a hardcore wrestling match, with less restrictions and the ability to use weapons). In addition to that, two players can join in together for two-on-two tag-team matches.

One unique feature of this game is its system. Gauges are displayed on the screen when you approach an opponent's wrestler during the match. The player can give priority to the technique by hitting the button repeatedly until the gauge meter is higher than the opponent's. There are also batting techniques in the middle distance, aerial killing from the top rope, dashing techniques from a long distance, and promised foul attack. Not only ordinary classic match rings venues are available, but also the street can be a match location as well.

The game consists of 5 championships with their own stages. The first stage type is a wrestling ring where the opponents can bounce from the edges and can be out of bounds. The second stage type is street wrestling, where there are objects to destroy and weapons to wield. The last stage is the electricity stage where the borders are harmful and weapons are used. Press the A button to punch. Press the B button to kick. Press the C button to jump. Press the A and B buttons simultaneously for a quick moving retreat. Pull the joystick twice in a direction to rush that way. If the player rushes in the direction of a boxing ring edge, they can bounce back. If the player is down, repeatedly press the A button and pull the joystick left and right to get up. Press the C button to body drop on a downed opponent. Press the A button many times rapidly to use a special attack. Press Button A or B on a downed opponent to grab and wrestle. When the player and opponent clash in a wrestle, press the A and B buttons as fast as possible to push back. Press Button D to pin down a downed opponent and hold him for 3 seconds to win. Alternatively, some fighters have holds which can force an opponent with low stamina to submit.


SWF (SNK WRESTLING FEDERATION) is an organization that stands at the top of the professional wrestling world. The SWF finally decided to hold the "Worldwide Indiscriminate Class Tournament". The tournament is to determine the "true world champion" and allows the world's most powerful wrestlers to freely participate in the indiscriminate class with no weight limit. Moreover, the tournament also incorporates a radical death match, which seems to be the most severe battle in the history of professional wrestling.

And finally the competition starts. Powerful people including the current SWF heavyweight champion from all over the world entered, including some ferocious wrestlers from the dark underground professional wrestling organization "Hole of the Lion".

With the pride and ambition of the fighters hidden in their hearts, the ten men rise up into a ring. Which wrestler has the crown of the "True World Champion" shining on his head?


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  • Released in March 1993. 3 Count Bout was developed by UPL for SNK and this is the last game made by this manufacturer.
  • 3 Count Bout is the only 'true' wrestling game for the SNK MVS Neo-Geo hardware but not the first. This honor goes to "King of The Monsters" (with giant monsters anyway!) :)
  • Blues Hablam and Blubber Man are actually the same guy with the same ring attire, only Hablam sports a mask. The same occurs for Gochack Bigbomb and Big Bomberdir with Bigbomb wearing the mask.
  • The character Master Barnes enters the ring wearing Shoulder Spikes similar to the ones worn by legendary wrestling tag-team The Road Warriors.
  • Third of the 100 MegaShock games following Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury 2.

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