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Template:GameInfobox Quiz Meitantei Neo & Geo: Quiz Daisousasen Part 2 (クイズ迷探偵NG/大走査線パート2) is a quiz adventure game released on April 24, 1992 for the Neo Geo in Japan only. It is a direct sequel to Quiz Dai Sousa-sen: The Last Countdown released the year prior.


Players once again take control over the detectives Neo McDonald or Geo Kentucky, who must explore the city and interrogate people. The sequel adds games, automobiles, politics, adult titles, and trivia to the list of questions the players must answer to. Much like the first game there are two scenarios to explore, though this time the game gives players the scenario option at the start. The Sugoroku Mode from the first game is absent, making this game a strictly single player experience.

  • In the first story scenario "Love Over Time" (時を越えた愛), Neo & Geo travel to 1942
  • In the second story scenario "Client from Space" (宇宙からの依頼人), Neo & Geo work to solve an alien conspiracy taking place on Earth.


The game features the same types of quizzes as the first game, in addition to some new ones:

  • Bingo Quiz - a 3x3 panel with each row representing a particular genre. They must get three answers correct either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to pass.
  • Slot Quiz - a slot machine quiz. Each reel represents an answer amount, question genre, and point amount rolled by the player. If they roll all sevens, they automatically clear the stage.
  • One Minute Quiz - a challenge where the player has to answer "Yes or No" questions as quickly as they can in a minute's time. Failure to reach the quota leads to a game over.
  • Comparison Quiz - two pictures are shown and the player needs to identify the differences.

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