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Template:GameInfobox Quiz Dai Sousa-sen: The Last Countdown (クイズ大捜査線) is a quiz adventure game released on July 1, 1991 for the Neo Geo in Japan only. A cellphone application visually based on the first game was made with updated questions in 2006.


Players control either Neo McDonald or Geo Kentucky in their adventures through Quiz City, a place where answering questions gets results. The genre to these questions include movies, history, geography, songs, sports, and entertainment news. Story progression through the games is largely decided through cutscenes and choices given to players, making the experience very similar to a choose-your-own-adventure.

At the beginning of the game the player can pick up between two modes of play: Story Mode, which is the main gameplay mode, and Sugoroku Mode, which is a competitive two player mode. In Story Mode players can choose between two different scenarios:

  • In the first story scenario Neo and Geo are hired by a girl who wants them to find her missing dog. They quickly find the dog on a park but things suddenly get a downturn as they get kidnapped by a mobster and, after escaping, find the girl's place thrashed and end framed for her disappearance. Upon escaping from jail they learn she's been kidnapped by a Hong Kong mafia and travel to the country, discovering that her father was a scientist who was being blackmailed into creating an army of robots to take over the world.
  • In the second story scenario Neo and Geo are hired by a man who wants them to find out who was responsible for his own murder before disappearing into thin air. Things quickly get bizarre as they discover a conspiracy to create an army of zombies, with the president seemingly behind it, but at the end they discover the president had been killed and impersonated by Satan himself.
  • Sugoroku Mode plays like a board game, where both players compete to find a secret treasure inside of a temple while at the same time facing off against an army of Nazi soldiers who also want the treasure.


Quizzes are normally done one question at a time with four selectable answers (with only one being the correct one). The goal for each quiz is to reach the needed amount of points set by the inquisitor. Points awarded for each question -as well as other alternations to the quiz itself- can be bought in the shop that appears before each event.

Aside from this standard format, other quiz events include:

  • Panel Quiz - a Jeopardy-style 4x4 panel (4 for genre and 4 for point amount) that players select at their whim. Since 8 points are needed to pass, its possible to clear the stage by correctly answering two questions worth four points.
  • Up-down Quiz - a scenario that places Neo & Geo in a tower-like situation. To climb to the top, they need to get five answers correct. If they fail too many times, they'll drop (or fall) and result in a game over.
  • Button Mashing Quiz - works like a regular quiz, but the player must mash the button corresponding to the right answer in order to fill up a bar for the game to accept the answer.
  • Beat 'em up Quiz - featured in Sugoroku Mode, players answer questions and determine how and when Neo&Geo move forward in a beat 'em up sequence. For example, if Neo is facing an enemy and gets the question correct, he'll knock out his adversary and proceed forward. When the scene is done with two players, the one with the quickest answer usually gets dibs on normal movement; the one with the correct answer against enemies determines who moves forward.
  • Do or Die Quiz - usually set as a pivotal quiz in the game. It follows the normal four selection format but limits players on how many wrong answers they can have. Losing at these stages results in an alternate route or the bad ending.



  • The art is generally realistic with several opponents resembling Hollywood movie stars.
    • The vampire enemy in the second story appears to resemble Bela Lugosi.
  • Quiz City later becomes the setting of Quiz King of Fighters. Neo & Geo also appear in this title as a result.

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