Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo


Official NG Youngun
I apparently need to resize my avatar?
XenForo supports higher res avatars than the old vBulletin, so sometimes it doesn’t play nice with the really low res ones. If you can find a higher res version of your current avatar, that would work best.


King's Dry Cleaner
Guess I should get on looking for an avatar finally. Ill make that a priority later. I realised I didn't say my thanks, but THANKS! wholeheartedly I really love this place on being active for a year its really grown on me. I like the additions and appreciate the gradual work going in, kudos.


Bewbs! Z'OMG, Teh BEWBS!,
Big props to the site staff for "Phoenixing" the boards.

Everything looks good, though I miss the larger avatars and sub-avatar pics. Minor stuff that will hopefully be adjusted in the future.

Bummer that animated gifs aren't supported. Seems really weird to me that message forum software circa 2021 wouldn't include that.

Teddy KGB

Капитан Борода
I checked and it isn’t an option as far as I can see.

Old thread but seems that at least on xf2.0 or higher it may be possible with some nuance.

Add-on with permission settings for the use animated gif avatars per user groups/profiles if you so choose.


Jaguar Ninja
Bring back trophies, no one can beat my Donkey Kong Jr. high score.

Seriously, though, thanks Mouse Master and all involved in the database migration.


I'm late because I kept trying to load the forums from the main page sidebar which was my normal forum navigation method and that doesn't seem to work so I didn't notice it had come back online.

Regardless, I still laugh that the last main page 'news' update was from the last forum migration 8 years ago, also from MM.

I'm also appreciative that, despite a relative absence from daily forum activity, MM and others are still available when things get all borked and needs a hero.

I miss 50 posts per page and the old feel. I'm a BBS dinosaur though and while I would like the old feel back as much as possible, I'm not likely to end up going anywhere else so do what you must.

Sincerely, cheers, I owe Shawn, MM, and others a beer for keeping my hangout around.


Cheng's Errand Boy
Welcome back...


Another Striker
I'm happy to see back too. I wish it was a bit wider on my laptop but I think anything that people don't like will be improved over time, so no worries. Whoever transferred all those posts so fast did a great job!