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  • Hi Rot, hope all is well. I had a question about the Neo Geo Marketplace section here on the boards. Am I restricted from accessing that section, and if so why is that? Must I have a certain amount of posts first? I hope you can help me with this issue, as I'd really like to become a productive member of the community here on the forum. Thank you for your time, I know you're quite busy, so I appreciate it.
    Hey Rot, hope you're doing well mate. Sorry about all my activity tonight. I cant really sleep and I felt maybe now was a good time to catch up on post count. Plus this place is way too entertaining. Hope that's not a problem. If so, let me know and I'll slow down.
    Rot! Are you going to sell Maskman some of your surplus NG DEV games? Help him out please! He is new and needs help!

    It seems you have NG Dev MVS games to sell. I’m interested to :
    Gunlord, Neo XYX, Last Hope Pink Bullet and Razion.

    Let me know please.
    Hello mate. I'm not sure how best to contact people on here and I don't want to piss anyone off! Just wondering if you had a link to the neosd roms. I really don't want to spend £30 buying it off some scumbag profiteering on etsy if I can help it and I'd be really grateful if you could just signpost me to the correct area. Feel free to delete this message and tell me to fuck off if I've gone outside of protocol and contacted you in a way that you don't appreciate.
    hey man. I just got a NeoSD Pro & I'm trying to figure out what romset works best. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    hey. i was told i could contact you about being able to make a listing in the marketplace? i have a bvm-20f1u i'm looking to trade for neo-geo stuff.
    Got it.

    Know that I've been endorsing the NeoSD to new members too.

    Sorry. :(
    I was just notified of all if this via email from another forum member. I rarely visit the forums anymore. I had no idea why Tonk bumped the war room thread until I read all of the most current posts.

    Theres no need to ban me from these areas of the site. I don't do business here anymore. I'd appreciate it if you could give me back my PM privilege as I do still talk & help other members.

    Rot, can we chat? Just saw what you did. This was unnecessary as I don't buy/sell here anymore (haven't in years).

    when you fucked around with tonk custom rank you forgot to put a [/B] somewhere because all names on the left are bold now
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Hi, I saw your YouTube video where you displayed your MegaMan the Power Battle Rental Board. Would you be intereswd in selling it? I can make you an offer. Thanks

Olá, vi seu vídeo no YouTube em que você exibiu seu MegaMan, o Painel de aluguel do Power Battle. Você estaria interessado em vendê-lo? Eu posso te fazer uma oferta. Obrigado
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Fuck you
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Hi there, I am a Mai fan too and I just joined.