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Template:GameInfoboxWorld Heroes 2 Jet is a game in the World Heroes series and an update to World Heroes 2. A Game Boy adaption was also made by Takara which adds new moves for the characters.


The tournament to decide the strongest warrior in history is about to unfold in for five days... However, a behind the tournament's scenes lies a dark shadow. The heroes involved in the tournament remain unaware of its involvement. Just who is the one responsible for these tournaments? And who is the true identity of the person lurking in the shadows? The Heroes Battle continues!! Will you be the last one standing!?


In this game, the Death Match Mode is not available. Instead, there's two modes: ENTRY TO THE TOURNAMENT and THE FORGING OF THE WARRIORS.


The player fights in 4 tiers, with three charcters in each tier, during the four days of the tournament. The available tiers and fighters are:

  • CLOSE RANGE: Ryoko, Julius Carn and Jeanne;
  • AGILITY: Shura, Dragon and Fuuma;
  • LONG RANGE: Mudman, Brocken and Raputin;
  • POWER: Johnny Maximum, Muscle Power and ERICK.

There is also the Final Tiers and the Boss Tiers, which are:

  • EVE OF THE FINALS: Captain Kidd;
  • FINALS: Hanzo;
  • FINAL BOSSES: Jack and Ryofu;


This modes is the same as the WH2's Normal Mode.


The new characters added to the roster are:

  • Jack, an English serial killer who is getting tired of killing many weak people. He joins Zeus because he promised him many strong people for him to cut;
  • Ryofu, a Chinese hero and legend who was bored and wanted more adventures. He was then approached by Zeus, that promised him more adventures if he worked for him. He accepted the offer, but after finding out about Zeus' plans he decided to turn against him;
  • Zeus, the boss of the game, is s the heir of an influential family who has secretly manipulated history from the shadows. Bored of his era's history, he steals Doctor Brown's time machine to arrive to the present reality. His goal is to conquer the world under his name, and he recruited Jack and Ryofu to his aid.

<tabber> Official Roster=

Returning Characters

New Characters




<tabber> Normal Stages=

Note: This stages are only available in the FORGING OF THE WARRIORS (Normal) Mode.

All stages of World Heroes 2, with the addition of the following stages:

  • Residential Rooftops, United Kingdom — Jack: The fight takes at a night of full moon. Features other houses, a strong mist, lighty windows, policemen, chimneys and a British beggar.
    • Note: The policemen hide in fear after each fight.
  • Military Warboat, China — Ryofu: The Gulangyu Island, in the Xiamen. The fight takes next to the Pacific Ocean. Features the moutains, boat sails and two boats, one in flames.

|-|Tournament Stages=

Note 1: The Detroit, Berlin and Tokyo's stage have the names of their respective countries on the stages' floor (USA, Germanay and Japan).
Note 2: In each stage, there's a ringman analyzing the fight.
  • DAY 1 — Detroit, Michigan, USA: The One Woodward Avenue. The fight takes next to an arena. Features a neonn with the expression CHAMPION CARNIVAL, a crowd, metal structures, a car and models next to him, spotlights, a red carpet and a scoreboard, besides the game's name in giant letters.
  • DAY 2 — Berlin, Germany: The fight takes next to the Brandenburg Gate, at sunset. Features green metak structures, the crowd cheering, flags of various countries and the Pariser Platz, in the background.
  • DAY 4 — Beijing, China: The fight takes in the front of the Forbidden City, at day. Features woman with giant fans, green metal structures, a giant gong, and players next to him, beside the crowd cheering and a censer.
  • EVE OF THE FINALS — Osaka, Japan: The Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, at evening. The fight takes next to the Sorihashi Bridge. Features trees, shrubs, pavements, monks and fire pyres, beside a forest, in the background.
    • Note: This stage is the only of the game without a judge.
  • FINALS — Tokyo, Japan: A stage similiar to the USA stage, but with a larger crowd, a grandstand in the background and purple metal structures.

  • BLACKNESS CASTLE: This stage has two versions. In the first, the fight takes in a green main salon, which features pillars, two crossed red carpets and a golden gate. In the second, the gate opens and shows a balcony and a stormy sky. Associated with Zeus (Open Door), Jack and Ryofu (Closed Door).

|-|Bonus Stage=

  • ARENA OF DARKNESS: After Tournament Day 2 is the only Bonus Game: Knock out El Toro Negro. The bull retreats to the green zone and begins charging to you. Pull off any ranged special attacks (not special throws) once the bull reaches the red zone. One hit will be enough to knock down the bull. You are awarded 30 points for each hit you deliver before the bull falls on the ground, so multi-hit attacks are recommended. Failure to knock down the bull will not give you any bonus points.


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