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Template:CharacterInfoboxShura (シュラ, ชูรา) is a character in the World Heroes series.


Shura is a Muay Thai champion that searches for his "dead" brother (that is alive and well). He enters the tournament in order to fulfill his training, and prove his strength as well.


Shura is a proud champion with great respect for his older brother. He also had a child-like personality as he shed tears in a comical relief whenever he wins and when his mother grounded him.


  • Energy Attacks - Shura can infuse his punches, kicks and knee strikes with energy. This energy, sometimes, takes the shape of tiger.

Fighting Style

He fights with Muay Thai moves.

Cultural References

He is based on Muay Thai legend Nai Khanom Tom. His mode of dress closely mirrors Sagat from the Street Fighter franchise.


  • Tiger Nail - World Heroes 2
  • Beautiful Sibling Love ~ Shurachan Ondo fe Burabura - World Heroes 2

Game Appearances

Cameo Appearances


World Heroes 2 World Heroes Perfect File:Shura WHP.gif