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Template:GameInfoboxWorld Heroes 2 is the second game in the World Heroes series.


Who is the strongest hero in history!? In order to solve this conundrum, a professor completed a time machine and used it to test the might of warriors from different ages. Unfortunately, he was unable to find an answer. A year later, six new heroes appear. Now, the largest battle of history is about to begin.


According to ADK World, other famous people considered for the cast included Yagyu Jubei, Siegfried, Dracula, Sindbad, and Ramesses III. Other characters who didn't make the cut were an Aztec hero who moved like an animal, an European fencer, and a Native American lady warrior. Their ideas for a tiny Viking girl and Mexican pro wrestler served as a basis for Erick and Muscle Power.


World Heroes 2 added a few more characters, moves, stages, a new life bar selection option; making it a decent improvement over the original game. While the Normal Game mode keeps the normal life bars to each character, the Death Match Game, besides keeping the stage hazard from the first game, also introduces a new single life bar shared by the two fighters that goes back and forth as characters are damaged. Every time a character gets beaten, they will get a ten-count bout given by the referee where the player should mash buttons and joystick to stand up for a bit of extra life (being less in the second opportunity). If a character gets knocked out by the third time, he will be out.


The new characters added to the roster are:

  • Captain Kidd, a pirate from the 16th century that robbed all the treasures he could find. Getting bored of no action, he enters the WH tournament, and always looking for riches to plunder and gets excited when he's on the hunt;
  • Erick, a member of a proud viking clan from the 11th century. He roams the seas, expanding the might of the vikings. When confronted about the tournament, he enters it, saying that the viking pride will not let him lose;
  • Ryoko Izumo, a disciplined and diligent Japanese judo practitioner and sports superstar who fills the hearts of the people in her hometown with pride. She admires Hanzo and Jeanne, due to his strenght and beauty. She also wants to surpass both him and her, and hates her father, who abandoned her;
  • Shura, a 18th century Muay Thai champion that searches for his "dead" brother (that is alive and well). He enters the tournament in order to fulfill his training, and prove his strength as well;
  • Mudman, a revered Papua shaman and/or a witch doctor, and a holy warrior to his tribe. He fights in the name of his god Fahfar, to rid the world of evil forces and protect nature, hoping to one day earn his right in the heavens;
  • Johnny Maximum, a sadistic and brutal "killing machine". He plays American football because of its violence, and enterd to the WH tournament to search for victims;
  • Neo Geegus, the sub boss of the game, is a new version of Geegus, final boss of the previous game;
  • Dio, the final boss of the game, is a new artificial soldier created by Damned, after the failure of his past creation. He developed his own consciousness and now roams different eras, killing many people.

<tabber> Official Roster=

Returning Characters

New Characters




<tabber> Normal Stages=

Bamboo Forest — Hanzo: The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, in the city of Kyoto, at a night of crescent moon. Features other ninjas (who appears and disappears from the stage), shrubs and rakan statues, besides the Ōi River and the Mount Arashi, in the background.

Martial Arts Temple — Fuuma: The Futenma Shrine, in Okinawa, at a sunny day. Features gargyol statues, flute players, bamboo stands, trees and Imperial soldiers, besides men dressed a with typical costumes and straw hats.

Tourist Bus Station — Dragon: The Gwanghwamun Square, in the city of Seoul, at a sunny day. The fight takes next to the bus station and the statue of the Admiral Yi Sun-sin. Features people cheering inside a red bus and in the street and shrubs, besides an itinerary map of the city.

Imperial Fortress — J. Carn: The Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan, at a sunny day. The fight takes in the main gate, next to the Highness (who vibrates with the fight) and some Imperial soldiers. Features the Royal advisers, yellow gates, pyres and war weapons.

Kremlin — Rasputin: The fight takes in the Red Square, in the city of Moscow, on a winter day. Features people cheering (some of them holding the Russian flag), wooden cabins, a fence and a snowman whose head bounces during the fight.

Castle Fortress — Jeanne: The Fortress of Miolans, in a remote area of the French city of Savoy, at sunset. Features French soldiers, bonfires, shrubs, a cannon, horses and the mountains, in the background.

Military Base — Brocken: A military base recently destroyed by a war tank, at evening. Features a barbed wire fence (destroyed by the war tank), burlap bags, wooden boxes, metal barrels, power antennas and buildings, besides posters and wanted lights before the destruction.

Construction Site — Muscle: The fight take in the city of New York. Features tractors, construction workers, metal barrels, a metal wall with the inscription DANGER and building skeletons, besides the Empire State Building and the Central Park Tower, in the background.

Treasure Cave — Kidd: The fight takes next to the treasure and a pirate skeleton cheering. Features a river and a waterfall, besides some stones.

  • Note 1: A vulture pecks at the opponent's body when Kidd wins.
  • Note 2: The skeleton loses his head when the fight is over.

Pirate Ship — Erick: The fight takes in the pier of the ship, in a sunny day. Features the vikings cheering, shields, barrels and burlap bags, besides the sea and the mountains in the background.

Judoka Dojo — Ryoko: The Nagoya Castle, in the Japanese city of Nagoya, at night. Features sakura trees (with her trees falling on the stage), shrubs, white flags, a white curtain, karatekas and masters sitting in a red carpet, besides a man playing taiko.

  • Note: The female karatekas reacts when Ryoko wins or loses in this stage (vibrates when she wins and regrets when she loses).

Buddhist Temple — Shura: The Wat Phra Kaew, in the city of Bangkok. The fight takes in a red courtyard. Features three agitated monks (one with a parlot on his shoulder), a white cat, palm trees, pillars and a giant Buddha statue, besides the other buildings of the temple complex.

Aboriginal Camp — Mudman: The fight takes at evening, next to some giant huts. Features native people, birds flying over the sky, shurbs, wooden pieces, some bonfires and small huts, in the background.

Alleyway — Johnny: An alleyway next to a street. Features ladders, two young men, neon signs, some grafitti, traffic signs, a graded wall, a dog fiddling with a trash can, metal barrels, a truck and a hydrant, besides the buildings and cars passing, in the background.

Coliseum: The fight takes in the main courtyard of the building. Features a crowd cheering, white pillars and a giant statute of Geegus. Associated with Neo Geegus.

Coliseum in Ruins: In this version, the stage is destroyed and on flames (after lightning strikes), and Geegus' statue is nearly destroyed, only remaining the base. Associated with Dio.

|-|Death Match Stages=

Note: In all stages, a judge can be seen counting until ten, while the defeated fighter tries to get up.

Needle Wall: A main room of a factory. Features wooden boxes, an emergency exit, two women with a red and a blue dress, metal barrels, chains and a wall clock, besides two thorn walls.

Landmine: A mined camp in Thailand. Features a tent, a wooden fence, palm trees, a truck, a bonfire, a wooden box with glass bottles, the Ping River and a village, in the background. The initials of the series can be seen all over the stage.

Satelitte Beam: The Daini Nuclear Power Plant, in Fukushima. The fight takes outside the power plant. Features the buildings, palm trees, shrubs, plants and trees, besides a meshed destroyed fence and a laser device digging holes in the ground.

Sawblade: Other main room of a factory. Features wooden boxes, green pillars, chains, turbines, metal barrels, pipes, a gas gallon, a wall clock, a fire extinguisher, a emergency exit and tires, besides a saw, which explains the stage's name.

Exploding Spike: The new version of the "Skinhead" stage, but without the photographers and the woman models and with electrical insulation cords, besides a green floor with the the inscription DEATH MATCH.

Skinhead: An orange ring with the game name's logo in the floor. Features blue insulations cords, a neon sign with the stage name, photographers and woman models.

Oil Sewers: A giant sewer in USA. The fight takes in the waters. Features metal barrels, fire, red pillars, pipes, lamps and water running down the pipes.

Metal Mesh: A aerial metal meshed platform, at a sunset day. Features a new sign with the stage's name and some buildings.

|-|Bonus Stages= Throughout the game, there will be a bonus stage given for every 3 completed matches (After Battles 3 and 6). The player is given a task to "destroy everything" within 30 seconds. Failure to do so still earns points, but if successful the player earns a huge point bonus. If a challenger comes into play, the bonus stage resets for a fresh start. The player who performs better gains the upper hand bonus. The players both have infinite life in these stages. The bonus stages are as follows:

  • BONUS STAGE 1: SMASH THE PILLAR: After Battle 3 is the first bonus game: destroy the ornamental pillar within 30 seconds. The column has 6 initial break points, with each needing to be struck once. After these 6 break points are gone, the main break point appears at the center of the column. Use rising uppercut attacks to smash 3 break points at once, then button-mashing special attacks or quick punches will break the entire pillar and claim you the bonus points.
  • BONUS STAGE 2: DESTROY THE LANTERNS: After Battle 6 is the second bonus game: smash the 6 lanterns within 30 seconds. These lanterns hold the captive woman suspended from the tree. Each lantern requires 2 precise hits to destroy. Again, rising uppercut attacks are useful here, and some attacks can even damage or destroy 2 lanterns at once. You should get the bonus points without any major hassle.


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