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Erick (エリック) is a character in the World Heroes series of fighting games introduced in World Heroes 2. He was conceived due to two scrapped women named Ellis and Musha. One was a young Viking and the other was a "Western fantasy" based character. Both of them wielded blunt weapons.


Erick is a member of a proud viking clan. He roams the seas, expanding the might of the vikings. When confronted about the tournament, he enters it, saying that the viking pride will not let him lose.


His pride is unmatched, he has a strong feeling for his home. He's also a respected family man with strong love for his wife Helga and his newborn son.


  • Water Projectile - Erick can release a small wave from his axe.
  • Electric Hammer - Erick can create an electric hammer and summon lightning with it.
  • Blizzard Breath - Erick possess the ability to freeze his opponent by using his glacial breath.

Fighting Style

He uses the same fighting tactics the berserkers used. He goes to battle armed with a axe, a wooden shield and a helmet with horns. He seems also to be versed in magical powers from the north that give him control over glacial water and thunder.

Cultural References

Inspired by viking sailor and founder of the first Nordic settlement in Greenland, Erik the Red.


  • Fjord of the Arctic Night - World Heroes 2
  • Daddy's Wonder Stories - World Heroes 2

Game Appearances

Cameo Appearances


World Heroes 2 World Heroes Perfect