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ADK World (ADK ワールド) is a fan disc with cameos from various ADK games, such as characters from World Heroes, Aggressors of Dark Kombat, Ninja Commando, and others. Similar to Neo Geo CD Special, the game is an omnibus game that features several types of mini games for its content. It was released on November 10, 1995 for the Neo Geo CD. The artwork in the game is either super-deformed or redrawn for people of all ages.

Players explore various buildings in ADK Town and each has their own event.


  • 19YY - a side-scrolling shooting game featuring Brocken. Whilst flying in mid-air, players use his special attacks to disrupt enemy missiles.
  • Neo-Quiz - a quiz adventure where players answer questions from various ADK characters.
  • ADK Dome - a card-battle game using various ADK characters. Also features a rock-paper-scissors "fighting game".
  • Cafe De ADK - an informative corner focusing on three categories: ninja characters, miscellaneous cast, and game history. Characters from Magician Lord, Ninja Combat, Blue's Journey, Ninja Commando, and World Heroes make appearances. Lists bio information, official back story, and highlights artwork -concept or original- for each character.
  • Brown Academy - a comprehensive database for World Heroes characters.
  • ADK Corner - a talkshow with Janne D'Arc and Ryoko Izumo. They show and discuss merchandise, news, and other trivia about the company.
  • Mysterious Shack - features unlockable extras once certain hidden conditions are met with the other buildings.