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Template:CharacterInfobox Zeus (ゼウス) is the final boss of World Heroes 2 Jet.


Zeus is the heir of an influential family who has secretly manipulated history from the shadows. Bored of his era's history, he steals Doctor Brown's time machine to arrive to the present reality. His goal is to conquer the world under his name; he recruited Jack and Ryofu to his aid. His plans were foiled by Hanzo.

In World Heroes Perfect, Zeus reappears searching for revenge and challenges the player. In the middle of the battle (round 2), Neo Dio appears, destroying the scene and killing Zeus.


As a megalomaniac, Zeus has power and wants even more of it. He is cocky and confides in his great strength, and will berate his underlings when they fail him.


  • Superhuman Strength - Zeus is superhumanly strong.
  • Energy Attacks - Zeus can infuse his attacks with intense enough energy to throw opponents to the wall or unleash powerful bursts.

Fighting Style

Zeus uses his massive power and reach to inflict damage on his opponents.

Cultural References

His name was inspired by the Greek god Zeus, while his appearance is inspired by Fist of the North Star characters Raoh and Souther. The notion of him being a heir to a family that has manipulated world events has its concept rooted in the conspiracy theories of the existence of real life secret societies; it should also be noted that the Greek Pantheon is alleged to be rather a succession of human figures with immense influence over Grecian society, as the temple of the Zeus Triphylius on the island of Panchaea discovered by philosopher Euhemerus detailed tablets stating the years of reigns under each successor of their godly title.


  • The World Covered in Darkness - World Heroes 2 Jet
  • Zeus Sakuhin 8 Appassionato - World Heroes Perfect

Game Appearances


World Heroes 2 Jet