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Template:GameInfobox SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 - Expand Edition (SNK VS. CAPCOM カードファイターズ2 EXPAND EDITION) is a crossover card game in the Card Fighters series created by SNK, and is the sequel to SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash. The game was released for the Neo Geo Pocket Color in September 13, 2001. The game has been officially released only in Japan, but a fan-developed English patch titled "Card Fighters Clash 2" has been made and released in 2008. The patch is accredited by SNK.

Description and Gameplay

The game retains most of the characteristics from its predecessor, and remains as a collectible card game thematic. Unlike the first game, Card Fighters 2 has only one edition, on which the player may choose his starting deck to be based on SNK or Capcom. The game has a Main Menu, which contains the following options: Story, Battle, Deck Work, Vs. Net and Save. Story is the single player mode, following Rikuto and Haruna's adventures. Battle focuses on single or multiplayer card battles. Deck Work allows players to customize their decks. Vs. Net contains card shops and trading machines. And Save allows the player to save the game. The storyline develops in first person, similar to visual novels.

In addition to the 240 character cards and 60 action cards from the first game, 124 new card were added. Several character cards were reworked and characters from Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage, The King of Fighters '99 and 2000, Project Justice, MegaMan Legends, Dino Crisis and Onimusha have been added to the card roster. One of the most relevant gameplay changes was the addition of 40 Reaction cards. These cards are similar to the Action card, but can only be played during the counterattack phase. Also, special cards with regular art style insted of the common super deformed have also been added. These are rarer, alternative versions of main characters from both gaming universes.


The player controls Rikuto, a high school student and up-and-coming card fighter. The game begins right after the ending of a card battle between Rikuto and a mysterious card fighter known as "Neomantle". Rikuto loses the battle and had his cards stolen by Neomantle. Together with his classmate Haruna, Rikuto sets out on an adventure to find Neomantle and get his cards back.


  • Rikuto Arata - a young and brash card fighter. He is the main character of the game. In the beginning of the story, Rikuto has his cards stolen by Neomantle, and decides to look for him to get his cards back and impose justice on the villain.
  • Haruna Hatena - a happy-go-lucky classmate of Rikuto. She helps Rikuto on his journey to find Neomantle, and sometimes, acts as the brain of the pair.
  • Lip Ayaha - the principal of CF School. She acts as Rikuto and Haruna's advisor and is always seen in the company of her pet squirrel, Lasso-kun. Her name was taken from Cyber-Lip.
  • Sasuke Fuwa - Fuwa is a 36 year old unemployed man who is constantly seen roaming Joyful Fountain. He dresses as a ninja and uses a ninja-themed deck. He is Yoshichi's father.
  • Kido Yoshiji - Kido is the 23 year old owner of Joy Joy Kid, a card shop located in the southern part of the city. Kido is a loud young man and has been something of a elder brother for Rikuto, teaching him details about card fighting. Kido is The Kid, the card leader of Joy Joy in the original game.
  • Ryugai Torawo - Torawo is the leader of a trio of rowdy students that Rikuto duels in order to get information on Neomantle. Torawo is a brash and tomboy of a girl, who always bosses around her "underlings", especially Dogou.
  • Asō Shūko - Shuko is a blonde girl and a member of the Clash Trio, together with Torawo and Dogou. She is the brains of the group. Her name was taken from Alpha Mission (known as ASO: Armored Scrum Object, in Japan).
  • Dogou Sōken - Dogou is a tall young man with a knack for explosives. He is the last member of the Clash Trio, together with Aso and Torawo. His name is taken from the Japanese version of Victory Road.
  • Shin Daichi - Shin is the bouncer of Club Vanguard, a members-only bar located in front of Joy Joy Kid. He is also a member of C.O.F. Shin dresses like a cowboy and likes to collect model guns. He is a cocky and brash card fighter, that eventually takes Rikuto under his wing. He is the male hero in the SNK edition of the first game.
  • Kei Kikka - Kei is a member of Club Vanguard and also a member of C.O.F. - Circle of Fighters - a secret card fighters club. She is always seen hanging around with Shin. She is the heroine in the SNK edition of the first game.
  • Foru Gotton - Dressed in traditional chinese clothing, Foru is the shopkeeper in Lost World, a toy shop that has an official card trading machine. Foru is Fo, the card leader of Lost World in the first game.
  • Yashichi Fuwa - Fuwa's son, who sees himself as a girl. He is Rikuto's secret admirer, and when they first meet, both Rikuto and Haruna think he is girl. Yashichi asks Rikuto to be his boyfriend, to which the oblivious hero agrees. Only when they go to Joyful Fountain and Fuwa tells them Yashichi was a boy, do they realize the truth. Yashichi then hunts Rikuto, determined to kill him and then, himself, in typical comic relief fashion. His name is taken from the Yashichi, a recurring item from Capcom games.
  • Cap Com - The original hero in the Capcom edition of the first game. He is Comet's elder brother, and managed to rise to the position of president of Vs. Entertainment Inc.
  • Comet Com - The original heroine in the Capcom edition of the first game. She is Cap's younger sister. She helps her brother and also attends Rooster Church.
  • Nanako Nijiiro - Nanako is a child prodigy in the field of robotics. She has become a roboticist and is known as a mad scientist of sorts. She is the one who created Robomantle, and now hunts him after he became rogue.
  • Zet Charles Detroit - Zet is a transfer student in CF School. He is a ladies man, and is at first reluctant to help Rikuto.
  • Sys Tem - Sys is the estranged brother of Cap and Comet. He has lived in Cap's shadow all his life, and has developped a plan to destroy entertainment in people's lives.
  • Neomantle - A mysterious card fighter who roams the city looking for strong opponents. It is revealed that Neomantle is actually Shin, but he was not the one responsible for the theft of Rikuto's cards. Him and Robomantle are based on G-Mantle.
  • Robomantle - An android created by Nanako in the form of Neomantle. It has recently gone rogue, with its programming being rewritten by someone, forcing it to steal cards from card fighters. It was Robomantle who took Rikuto's cards.
  • G-Lady - a mysterious card fighter. She also seems to be based on G-Mantle.

Featured series

This is a list of game series featured in the cards of the game.

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