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Buriki One (Buriki One: World Grapple Tournament '99 in Tokyo) is a 3D computer graphics arcade versus fighting game. It is an offshoot of the Art of Fighting series . In the brief time-frame of the Hyper Neo-Geo 64's popularity, it was characterized for its superb graphics that processed at a smooth 60 frames per second and a unique fighting system. So far, it has only been released in one iteration, with no sequels, although the main character Gai Tendo has appeared in later SNK games, via cameos or as a playable character (in the recent The King of Fighters XI). Buriki One is also the last game to be released for the Hyper Neo-Geo 64.

Game ID : HNG64 No. 07

Opening Declaration

What is the strongest form of combat? Who is the mightiest fighter? The time has finally come to settle this never-ending dispute. Spring 1999. The mightiest fighter of the 20th century will be decided. SNK announces the opening of Buriki One-World Grapple Tournament '99 in Tokyo, the battle royale of fighting styles. Matches are decided by a single fall. As for rules on elbowing, backhand slaps, head butts and kneeing...there are none! So, any dirty tricks you've mastered are yours to unleash. Contestants must win a total of 8 matches, passing through the preliminary and finals leagues within a single day. In addition to the strength of a tempered body, only those furnished with the stamina and self-discipline can obtain the blessings and laurels from the Goddess of Victory. This is truly the biggest battle royale blowout for the tin de siecle. A final declaration: Who's "The Mightiest"? Buriki One will decide!


Buriki flyer.jpg Buriki flyer 2.jpg


The setting for BURIKI ONE is Spring 1999 (20 years after Art of Fighting 3). Crowds flock to an arena known as the World Grapple Tournament, where various fighters compete for the championship. The only returning character from the Art of Fighting series is Ryo Sakazaki, as 10 other fighters of different fighting arts enter to be the champion of the tournament. And at the final of tournament, a dark fighter known as Silber appeared.

Goof: Buriki One is supposed to be 15-20 years after Art of Fighting 3 took place, yet in the game Ryo Sakazaki is only 32 years old, making him 12-17 years old in AOF3?!? He's supposed to be in his early 20s.


It's Spring 1999... Fighters from across the world gather at the Tokyo Dome to compete in the World Grapple Tournament. Each contender has their own fighting discipline, ranging from the popular styles of Boxing, Karate and Professional wrestling, to the lesser known arts of Aikido, Tai chi and Muay Thai. Finally, they have the chance to prove which martial art conquers all!


Buriki One is the fourth and final 3D computer graphics fighting game released for the Hyper Neo-Geo 64 system. Buriki One's control system uses two buttons for movement, keeping the player on a 2-D axis, despite the 3D arena. Pressing the left button moves the character in the left direction, pressing the right moves in that respective direction. Double tapping each button produces a dash in each corresponding direction for evasion and closing distance. Pressing both buttons makes the character block.

By using the joystick, the player can execute attacks of varying damage levels. By pressing in the forward direction, the player executes a medium attack, up forward a stronger attack, and down, forward is the weakest, but fastest attack. By combining various combinations of the movement of the stick, a special attack is performed for increased damage. Unlike the 2-D iterations, however, no ranged attacks are present, keeping the preferred fighting distance between players at close quarters.

Screen Shots



Video Footage

Buriki One Intro (Available in High Quality)

Here you can see the complete intro for Buriki One.

Gameplay Sample (Available in High Quality)

Here you can see a gameplay sample.

  • Buriki One Fight Videos (All available in High Quality)

Seo Yong Song vs. Ryo Sakazaki

Ivan Sokolov vs. Patrick Heyting with Sudden Death

Saionji Takato vs. Song Xuandao

Song Xuandao vs. Gai Tendo

Payak Sitpitak vs. Seo Yong Song

Arcade Stuff

Here you can see the unusual control panel for Buriki One. Movement buttons on the left and attacking joystick on the right.

2 Player Version:

BurikiOne CP.jpg

1 Player Version:


Buriki One Cab Marquee


Buriki One Cab: (NEEDED)

The Characters

Total Fighting art


  • Gai Tendo: The Main Hero of the Game. He comes from Japan.

Boxing art

Rob Python.png

  • Rob Python: He has a rivalry with Gai Tendo. He comes from the United States.

Judo art

Jacques Ducalis.png

  • Jacques Ducalis: He comes from France.

Tae Kwon Do art

Seo Yong Song.png

  • Seo Yong Song: He is a star pupil of Kim Kaphwan and is also good friends with Gai Tendo and Takato Saionji. He comes from South Korea.

Aikido art

Takato Saionji.png

  • Takato Saionji: He is good friends with Gai Tendo and Seo Yong Song. He comes from Japan.

Muay-Thai art

Payak Sitpitak.png

  • Payak Sitpitak: He comes from Thailand.

Tai Chi art

Song Xuandao.png

  • Song Xuandao: He comes from China.

Wrestling art

Patrick Van Heyting.png

  • Patrick Van Heyting: (Professional Wrestling) He comes from Holland.

Ivan Sokolov.png

  • Ivan Sokolov: (Greco-Roman Wrestling) He comes from Russia.

Sumo art


  • Akatsuki-Maru: He comes from Japan.

Boss characters


Ryo Sakazaki.png

  • Ryo Sakazaki a.k.a. The Second Mr. Karate - The only character from Art of Fighting (if chosen by the player in Story-Mode, Gai Tendo will be the Sub-Boss). He is listed as "Karate", though he still uses Kyokugenryu Karate. He comes from Japan.



  • Silber - The game's antagonist, entering the tournament to challenge powerful fighters. He uses various styles, and he will only challenge those who climbed through the finals without a need for a rematch. He comes from Germany, continuing SNK's predilection for German boss characters. His style is listed as "Original Karate", although it is never clearly explained which particular form of "Original Karate" this is.
  • To unlock Silber you need to beat the game with all characters and beating Silber each time.

Move Sets

Please keep in mind that these are the "published" move sets by SNK. There are more advanced move sets that you will learn when playing the game. The ones posted are my own.

Default is Facing Right


S Right.png = Short Operation

Right.png = Normal Operation

H Right.png = Heavy Attack (Hold about 2 seconds, you have to get a feel for it) (If first move in combo string, you have to hold B.png to execute it)

A.png = Button 1 - Move Left

B.png = Button 2 - Move Right

G = Guard A.png + B.png

- = Usually indicates a counter attack or pause. First you execute the moves before the "-" and then perform the move after it when you "grab" the opponent

Dash = Double tap the button facing the opponent. Default(facing right) is B.pngB.png

Second System

After choosing your character you will be asked if you want the "Second System" on or off. The second system is basically a Heads Up Display (HUD) that "suggests" your next command. Keep in mind that the second system will only suggest basics moves. If you want to perform another advanced move you can do so by entering in a different command. So in short you can use it in the beginning but as you progress you might want to leave it off so you don't grow dependent on it.

Gai Tendo


Rolling Mace

S Left.pngRight.png


Down.pngDown Right.png

Gai Wheel

Down.pngUp.pngUp Right.png

Tackle (Up Toss)

H Down Right.png Keep Position

Gai Spider (Body Attack)

Down Left.pngRight.png - H Right.png Keep Position

  • Advanced Combos/Moves

Jumping Spinning Back Kick

S Left.pngS Right.png

Crucify Me

H Up Right.png - H Left.png - Up.png

Back Roll

H Down Right.png - Left.png

Rob Python


Head Collision

S Up Left.pngDown Right.png or Up Left.pngDown Right.png

Twisting Impact

S Left.pngRight.png or Left.pngRight.png

Rising Impact

S Down Left.pngUp Right.png or Down Left.pngUp Right.png

Ducking Upper


Atomic Blow (Up Toss)

H Up Right.png - H Right.png

  • Advanced Combos/Moves

Smack My Bitch Up

H Up Right.png - Down Right.pngUp Right.png

Shoot the Moon

Up Left.pngDown Right.pngUp Right.png

Bring Me Down

Down Left.pngUp Right.pngDown Right.png

Jacques Ducalis


Palatial Slice (Up Toss)

Right.png - H Right.png Keep Position

Body Drop (Up Toss)

Right.png - H Left.png Keep Position

Helicopter Spin (Up Toss)

H Down Right.png - H Up Left.png Keep Position

Standing Four-Point Pindown (Up Toss)

Down.png (When on his back, from steps)

Fly Swatter (Body Attack)


  • Advance Combos/Moves

Trip Toss

S Down Right.pngH Up Left.png

Arm Bar

Up.png (After Standing Four Point Pindown)

Seo Yong Song


Tuimyo Bandae Dollyochagi

S Up.pngRight.png

Flying Heel Drop


Crouch Kick

Down.pngDown Right.png

Rising Back Kick

Down Left.pngUp Right.png

Bandae Dollyochagi

Up Right.png (After Rising Back Kick)

Takato Saionji


Aikido Smash High/Middle/Low

Left.pngUp Right.png or Left.pngRight.png or Left.pngDown Right.png

Trip-Up Toss (Up Toss)

G +Down.pngDown Right.png

Forearm Counterblow (Body Attack)

Up Right.png - Up.png

Lunging Slam (Body Attack)

Right.png - Left.png

Body Reverse (Body Attack)

Down Right.png - Down.png

Payak Sitpitak


Spinning Elbow Crunch

S Left.pngRight.png

Elbow Dash

Dash - Right.png


Down Left.pngRight.png

Kao - Loy

S Down.pngUp Right.png or Down.pngUp Right.png

Fist Shatterer (Body Attack)

Up Left.pngRight.png

Kod - Kao - Tee - Kao (Up Toss) (When Close)

H Up Right.png - Right.png

  • Advanced Combos/Moves

High Kick

H Up Right.png

Strong Mid Kick

H Right.pngRight.png

2 and 2

S Right.pngS Down Right.pngS Up Right.pngS Up Right.png 

Song Xuandao


Pi Li Quan

S Up Left.pngRight.png or Up Left.pngRight.png

Fei Long Quan

S Left.pngRight.png or Left.pngRight.png

Leng Gou Quan

S Down Left.pngRight.png or Down Left.pngRight.png

Hu Yao Wei

G + S Left.pngRight.png or Left.pngRight.png

Xuan Feng Jiao

G + S Down Left.pngUp Right.png or Down Left.pngUp Right.png

  • Advanced Combos/Moves

Praying Mantis

S Up Right.pngS Down Right.pngS Down Right.pngS Down Right.png

Hammer Fists

Down.pngLeft.pngUp.pngRight.png OR Roll the joystick at medium speed - Down.pngDown Left.pngLeft.pngUp Left.pngUp.pngUp Right.pngRight.png

Chin Slap

Up.pngLeft.pngDown.pngRight.png OR Roll the Joystick at medium speed - Up.pngUp Left.pngLeft.pngDown Left.pngDown.pngDown Right.pngRight.png

Patrick Van Heyting


Shark Lariat

S Left.pngRight.png or Left.pngRight.png

Shoulder Charge

S Down.pngRight.png or Down.pngRight.png

Flying Kick (Medium Range)

H Up Right.png

Shark Buster (Up Toss)

H Down Right.png - H Right.png

Jack Hammer (Up Toss)

H Right.png - Up.png Keep Position

Figure 4 Neck Lock AKA Boston Crab (Up Toss)

Left.png (After Jack Hammer)

Ivan Sokolov


Open Palm Thrust

Up Left.pngRight.png

Pull Down (Up Toss)

Up Right.png - Down.png Keep Position

Tackle (Up Toss)

Right.png Keep Position

Head Fall (Up Toss)

H Up Right.png - Down.png

Achilles Hold (Up Toss)

Left.png (After Head Fall)

  • Advanced Combos


Right.png - Left.png - Up.png - H Up.png (Keep Position) 

Bull Dog

Right.png - Right.png - Up.png - H Up.png (Keep Position)

Trojan Horse

H Up Left.pngRight.pngUp Right.png - Down.png (Keep Position) - Up.png - H Up.png (Keep Position)

Scissor Takedown

H Down Right.png - Down.png - H Left.png

Ankle Biter

G + Down.pngRight.pngH Right.png - H Left.png 

Turn The Tables (Reversal)

Left.pngS Right.png

Belly To Back Roundabout (After "Turn the Tables")

Right.png - Left.png - Up.png - H Up.png (Keep Position)



Super Slap High/Middle/Low

S Down Left.pngRight.png or S Left.pngRight.png or S Up Left.pngRight.png

Freeze Move Back Blow

G + Down.pngRight.png Keep Position

Holy Mackerel Bop (Up Toss)

Up.pngRight.png - Left.png Keep Position

Leg Lock Slam (When Facing Opponent) (Up Toss)

Down Right.png - H Right.png or H Down Right.png - H Right.png Keep Position

Scoop-Up Toss (When Facing Opponent) (Up Toss)

Down Right.png - H Left.png or H Down Right.png - H Left.png Keep Position

Ryo Sakazaki


Head Collision

S Up.pngRight.png

Twisting Impact

Dash - Right.pngRight.png 

Rising Impact

S Left.pngRight.png or Left.pngRight.png

Ducking Upper

S Down Left.pngUp Right.png or Down Left.pngUp Right.png

Atomic Blow (Body Attack)

Up Left.pngRight.png - Left.png Keep Position

  • Advanced Combos

Ryo's Ranbu Combo

H Up.pngS Right.pngS Up Right.pngS Right.pngS Right.pngS Down Right.pngS Up Right.pngS Up Right.pngS Right.png

Youtube Video of Ranbu Combo (Available in High Quality)




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