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Template:CharacterInfobox In this Chinese name, the family name is Song.

Song Xuandao (ソン・シャンタオ, Chinese: 宋 玄道; Pinyin: Sòng Xuándào) is a character in Buriki One. He is voiced by Keiichiro Sakagi.


Song is a master of Tai Chi and became a legend in China. Somewhere in the past, he was defeated by Silber. He was invited to the Buriki One tournament by his best friend, who is the chairman of a TV station in China.


He is serious about fighting, but he likes to enjoy a simple life in his farm.

Fighting Style

He uses the martial art of Tai Chi Chuan, using the opponent's own power to take him down.


  • Struggle Hard - Buriki One

Game Appearances


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