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Template:CharacterInfoboxSilber (ズィルバー) is the main antagonist of Buriki One.

While other characters (such as G-Mantle, Joker and Gozu) were considered for guest appearances in The King of Fighters XI, Silber was added to match the boss-protagonist theme with Gai Tendo. Originally, he was deemed to not completely fit the series so they made generous tweaks to his effective yet simple moveset. He has drawn comparisons to the Street Fighter series antagonist Akuma due to similar appearance and entrance.

He is voiced by Hiroyuki Arita.


Silber is a powerful martial artist that wanders the world in search of strong opponents. Sometime in the past, he challenged and defeated Song Xuandao. When he heard of the Buriki One tournament featuring many fighters with different fighting styles, he decides to enter the tournament. His protegé is Rob Python.

He is also acquainted with Oswald, but details of their connection are currently unknown.


A power hungry maniac, Silber dreams of obtaining more power. Victory and defeat don't matter to him, and neither do good and evil. The only thing that matters to Silber is the fight itself.

Silber has no concept of pity nor pride, he responds to defeated foes with single-word insults only, the exceptions to this are only when he defeats Ash, Benimaru, Kyo, Iori and Oswald.


  • Super jump - Silber leaps into the air and crushes the opponent with his leg.
  • Earthquake - Silber slams his foot against the ground and knocks the opponent down.

Fighting Style

Very slow with explosive and unpredictable strikes, but otherwise a traditional karateka using a reckless style that is influenced heavily by tameshiwari (karate based object breaking).


  • A Declaration of War - Buriki One
  • Jack - The King of Fighters XI

Game Appearances

See Also


  • In KOF XI, Silber possesses a super/DM that has an unknown property when used that only has a super flash startup, but nothing seems to happen and it can only be used once during a match. This is likely a bugged super.


SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash DS.


The King of Fighters XI