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Template:GameInfoboxLast Resort is an arcade shoot 'em up video game by SNK released in 1992. It was also released for the Neo-Geo and Neo Geo CD systems. Extremely difficult, its gameplay was heavily inspired by R-Type and its system of pod attached to the player's ship. Its first level remained memorable for its homage to the futuristic Neo-Tokyo depicted in the anime Akira.

A homage to this game also appeared in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.


In the year 2990 AD, the world's population rose to over 90 billion inhabitants. Over the years, the destructive air pollution and long-term combustion pertrolium had turned the land into a vast desert. The human began the desperate space emigration.

In the gigantic galaxy, permanent strong-holds and cities are being constructed. New light shines on the battle with space, "New Land," and the rebuilding of their battered society is near copletion. But...

SOS! SOS!...

An urgent signal is traced. There appears to be a computer virus in the main computer of the third colony. By some wierd science or alien influence, the computer has taken over and is removing the human occupants. The mobile machines, programmed to terminae human lifeform have invaded the remaning colonies.

The battle-torn space veterans are defeated one by one, and become the made computer's soldiers. An unconscious and unheard shout into space...

"SOS! SOS!.."

The Last operation: LAST RESORT. Urgent! Red Alert!


  • TZ-024 (Player 1)
  • YS-024 (Player 2)

Minor Enemies

  • Lamella
  • Iron Claw
  • Gustav
  • Red Bug
  • Metal Bee


  • Brucken (Stage 1 Boss)
  • King (Final Boss)


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