Neo Bubble Buster
Apparently the first Neo-Geo MVS flash card has been released.

Here the review

768 Mbits of flash memory, enough to hold the largest officially released games, plus some extra space for system software.
ARM Cortex M4 at 168MHz, 1MB flash, 128KB RAM. For SD access, Flash programming, cartridge control and original cartridge protections emulation.
2x Lattice XP2 FPGA. Flash based, instant-on, low power, high density FPGAs. For bus decoding and multiplexing, flash access, bank switching, programming help.
Supports micro SD & SDHC cards up to 32GB. FAT32 with long file names.
User friendly game selection menu with game screenshots.
Instant boot to the last flashed game. It appears as an original cartridge to the board, and can use the bios softdips configuration with the original cart.
Runs original games unpatched, emulating the original cartridge protections in hardware.
Ability to boot to the game flash menu from in-game (configurable trigger combination)
Can be used for game development. Allows the homebrew games to access expanded hardware features (S rom banking, increased bank area space).
Updateable system software and firmware for future additions and features.
Switch cartridge region without needing special bios.
MVS board AES emulation without needing special bios.

380 euros

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Sort of mysterious, and they're certainly not advertising who is responsible for this product.
Odd choice to create a shell that looks like an AES cart rather than MVS.

Welp! Looking forward to impressions from folks over here.


That $425 price tag will come down once darksoft releases his thing.
competition is good. The strong will survive.


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Its defo different from darksofts device. I have spent some time looking over the videos and it will be using the banking in an identical way to how NeoGeoLand will operate if it ever happens. Clearly they have spent some time here, right down to having the sd card accessable outside the cart shell. A very polished product although I think the UI could be better.


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I'm just amazed that this device is being released that seems to be virtually perfect and we've not heard a thing about it.


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Well, this was out of the fucking blue. I wish it was for the home system, but you can't always get what you want. If anyone here buys one, be sure to post up reviews.


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wow... what?
they should colab with Raz now and make the ultimate product.

great respect.


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kof2003 I see in the video appears to be the original version of the game, it is defo taking care of the 512k fix tile banking as it should. thats one thing none of the kof2003 bootlegs do right.


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I see a "neosd" account is browsing this thread - if you are affiliated with the team behind this, please post up!


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Yes they are, waiting on a mod to activate their account then Im sure they will post and we will get to know a little more.
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Well this is a pleasant surprise to wake up to on your birthday. I'll wait on this to hear if it plays nice with a Magickey and/or the Unibios.


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I wonder if this will play nice with the memory card.
It should. Everything will be like it is with an original cart if I understand correctly... which makes this so damn intriguing. Even more so since nobody seems to have heard about it up to now...