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  • Welcome back bro!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111

    You know, Barkley was a pretty crazy dude.

    That's one gangsta-ass Republican. :keke:

    EDIT: "Was"? Still is, Jesus, he's not dead yet. I think. :keke:
    Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa, it's from this comic (it really existed) called "Godzilla vs Barkley", yes Charles Barkley. :keke:

    That shit is one bad acid trip.
    Your PM Box is full, so I'll just leave this here:
    Berry shipped the parcel to me for free - so I'll in return cover the 10€ it cost me to send it to you.
    Have fun with the stuffs :)
    In regards to the digital version of the PS Vita version.

    Apparently, only FF X HD is on an sd card.

    You'll have to download FFX-2 HD even if you purchase the "physical" copy.

    You'll need 4GB of space just for FFX-2.
    Do it! You won't regret it! The hard part is tracking down Euro SCART cables, but I have every system but the NES in component now!
    I'm not sure if you still need this info, since the post was several weeks ago, but I haven't checked this forum in a while.

    The X'Eye does output RGB through the regular 9 pin connector, the plug and pinout is exactly the same as the model 2 Genesis. The RGB is better than S-video, and doesn't require modifications to most systems, that's why I do the external transcoder for everything, it saves a lot of time and money from having to s video mod a million consoles.

    I'm not using an LCD tv, I'm actually using a 27" Samsung CRT SDTV with component video. WIth component video, it looks like a really great arcade monitor. I'm a pretty cheap bastard, and the fact is I'd have to spend $1000+ to get a HDTV that (to me) looks as good as the TV I have now.

    I noticed that you posted in a thread about the Scart to component transcoder..And you mentioned the X'Eye. Does the X'Eye do RGB via its 9 pin din connector without any modification?

    I know it wont output s-video unless you mod it into the system, but RGB is better and it will do it natively as long as you have a Genesis II Scart cable?

    Are you using these on a LCD tv?

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Will you kindly delete your drawing from my art thread? Start your own art thread if you want to post your stuff.
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Neo_Mike: NOT a big tymer
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Is that a real doll posing with a neo geo x? You're too big tymer for this forum.
Did someone just touch my balls?

No? why not?!
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Hey there Lachie :keke: