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  • Hi, Bro. I’ve seen that you are an expert on Neo Geo topics. I have an issue with my Neo Geo system (MV1FSB) For some reason it doesn’t save the highscores. I replaced the battery and it saves the settings as Date and time, level, etc. However the hoghscores only remain for a day or less. I’m using “The king of fighters 2002 Magic Plus II” cartridge. I’ve tried reseting the ram memory but still tbe same. Could you please help me with this?

    Thanks in advance...

    Hey Razoola,

    I want to get Unibios 4.0 for my MVS one-slot (and update the one on my 4-slot) but I'm not sure what model the board is exactly. It's an MVS-1A as stated on the board, but the chip is soldered on (like the 1AXs). On check-out should I choose MVS-1A or MVS-1AX? I'd really appreciate some help, my email is daniel.bohrer@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance,
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Is that a real doll posing with a neo geo x? You're too big tymer for this forum.
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