What is the game you play the most in Neogeo?


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My most played games are

League Bowling
Top Player's Golf
Ninja Combat
Fatal Fury 1
Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug 3
Garou MOTW
King of Fighters 2003

I've been spending more time with Metal Slug 5 though.

Mr. Karate II

Crossed Swords Squire
Every now and then I always do a complete tour of the whole catalog or even of a specific saga, but if I really should say only two, probably (so without thinking too much) I would say 'KOF' 98' and 'Neo Turf Masters', since they have of the musics and a really high level gameplay (not counting the charisma of the various characters).



Given its popularity on Fightcade, I wish I had more love for 'KOF 2002', but the stages and the hitboxes have always 'screamed' till ever since from the day it was marketed 'don't you see how poor we have become?! We certainly cannot afford the artistic level we have accustomed you to since the first chapters!'.


Fortunately this game was completely overhauled in 2009 with the 'Ultimate Match' version, which however is not on NEOGEO.

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I play KOF 02 when I'm hanging around with Mexicans because that's all they play. Sometimes they play Metal slug 3.
If your offended at this post I'm sorry.


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By sheer hours, Puzzle Bobble for sure. When the pandemic started I literally played it every morning for an hour before work for several months.

When I'm looking for something quick and fun to play I always go back to Neo Drift Out.
Other games I pop in regularly:

Baseball Stars 2
Aero Fighters 2


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VS Puzzle Bobble is what gets more love at home, no contest... it just never gets old, always has a spot on my 4-slot.
Magical Drop 3, Neo Turf and Garou are also frequently installed too.


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Metal Slug 1-4
Kizuna Encounter
Super Dodge Ball
Strikers 1945
Samurai Shodown 2-5
Shock Troopers 1


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Definitely Neo Turf Masters. Beside that, I have a serious crash on Neo's launch games: Alpha Mission, Eight Man, Burning Fight − you name it, I dig it. Back in the day, when I ignored the early stuff, it was Viewpoint, though. Once I saw those seadragons in the second stage, any hope was lost... for all other games, hehe.


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Samurai Showdown 2, been playing this for about 25 years now and still enjoying playing against friends, KOF2000 has also seen quite a bit of action enjoying learning Roberts charge moves as I am so used to 98.


Super Spy Agent
Turf Masters and Slug 1/2/X/3
Magical Drop 3

I also like just booting up random games I’m not that familiar with and playing them for a while. For example, I’ve been playing more World Heroes 2 Jet than ever before which I’ve realized has one of my favorite game over countdowns.


Camel Slug
Last Blade 1 & 2
Samurai Shodown 2
Metal Slug 3 and X
Ninja Masters
Kizuna Encounter
GAROU Mark Of The Wolves


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Fatal Fury Special and that's because I sold every other game I had. Started playing it again and glad I held onto it, fantastic game. Wish I held onto my copy of Magician Lord. That got enough play time to 1cc it without much hassle.


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by myself, it would be either Metal Slug or Blazing Star.

With friends it's Windjammers, Puzzle Bobble, or NTM


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I just got metal slug 4 on the AES and I've played through it many times, hell it might be up there with aero fighters 2 soon.. I know people give it a lot of hate but I think its a very good game and the snow mission is my favorite (even though the boss on that level is super easy).


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I could choose a game now and play it everyday for the rest of my life, and I would still probably never catch up to all the games of Fatal Fury Special I've played.

The runner up games I've played the most are RB2, SS3 and KOF '02