What is the game you play the most in Neogeo?


Vanessa's Drinking Buddy,
Does it have enough dust bunnies and cat hairs in it to summon Bastet this month.


Kula's Candy
Aero fighters 2, the Aero fighters/sonic wings series is in my top 3 game series of all time for sure. Surprised to see so many people saying Alpha mission 2/ASO 2, It's a great game but didn't know it was so loved.


SHOCKbox Developer,
I may have to get ahold of an AES cart in pristine shape.
honorable mentions go to MOTW,MS2 with speed up chip,SSVSPECIAL & Fatal Fury 3
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King's Dry Cleaner
Last Resort
King of fighters 98
Last Blade 1
Real bout fatal fury 2
Garou Mark of the Wolves

Play these 5 games the most. Hard not to when I play any other game I own I always slap in one of these before or after to get in a quick session or 2 that in turn becomes a longer play session.


New Challenger
Probably KOF97,98,99,2002.

I play KOF97 for the story and endings (Also nostalgia, I was in Japan when it was released and seeing all the hype and advertising for it, was INSANE), 98 for practice and random select 1CC.

KOF99 when I feel like something different from the Orochi Saga entries, and 2002 for practice and random select 1CC when I've been playing too my KOF98. ;)


Mr. Wrestling IV
It changes because I’m constantly rotating carts out of the 4 slot every week or so. What’s the game I’ve played most of over all?
prolly RB2.

what’s this week’s line up?

-Super Dodge Ball
-Ninja Combat


H = Heinously, M = Massive, G = Gonad,
I may have to get ahold of an AES cart in pristine shape.
honorable mentions go to MOTW,MS2 with speed up chip,SSVSPECIAL & Fatal Fury 3

I must know why you like king of the monsters 2. Have you made it to the end? I credit fed all the way just to see the whole game after never surviving the last stage, it’s a miserable quarter muncher with the laziest boss rush at the end, the health bars on the enemies is absolutely horrible, the attacks are completely worthless. It took me and a friend over an hour of mindless attacking and quarter feeding to beat the last level. It might just be the worst beat em up on the Neo Geo. Even Ninja Combat is way better.


Just Short..., As always... :-(,
One of the Slugs probably X but it's my favorite series at least MS - 3.


Vanessa's Drinking Buddy,
Buy the Sega Genesis KotM2 port instead then. No Famardy, or whatever the fook his name is, but, it plays a hell of a lot better.


Fio's Quartermaster
Changes from year to year but my top 3 in no particular order are.
Garou Mark of the Wolves
Neo Turf Masters
Metal Slug 3

Those 3 are THE games I go back to over and over.


Kula's Candy
It's a tie between Waku Waku 7 and Magician Lord. I've played both extensively, to a point where I can notice slight audio and visual hiccups on either defective carts or shoddy emulators.