Universe Bios 4.0 MVS/AES released!


Hinako's Cook
Jan 7, 2013
Hi all,, thanks Razool for a wonderful bios
I’m trying to copy bios on to eprom st m27c4002.
Can I still just put the data in once ? as this eprom
I think is 4 times volume? Do I need to put it in twice
Just I think I copied correctly and I get watchdog...
Appreciate any help

You need to copy the file 4x into a new file to fill the chip ideally. In linux;

# cat file.bin file.bin file.bin file.bin > 4xfile.bin

In windows you can do with copy /b function, but I use Linux.

Then burn that to the 27c4002
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Dec 7, 2000
"Hiscore saving support on AES hardware by smkdan (memory card required)." Taken from the unibios website.

I've been looking around, but does this save MVS hiscores too? From reading the 2 slot manual, the MVS only saves up to 8 games' high scores/settings from my understanding, before erasing the last used one in order.

If Unibios can help me keep my scores and not have me worrying about the battery, that'd be great :)
Yeah, it works on MVS. The last character of the file user name must be an exclamation point.


Maxima's Barber
Apr 20, 2013
You enter a name when you format the memory card IIRC and that's the one that must be named with a ! at the end.