SNK official calendar 2014


Mr. Big's Thug
Hello people, I was surfing the internet today, and I have found this, a tweet from the official site.


Do you know where we can buy one unit of it? It's gorgeous, and I'm interested on it...

I hope I don't make a mistake posting here, I thought it's an interesting official item for all of us.


Morden's Lackey
I think it's something that was only handed out to employees. I'm hesitant to call those awful 3D renders "gorgeous."


Made of Wood
What the fuck is wrong with Terry and Haohmaru? That is some of the ugliest art I've ever seen.


King's Dry Cleaner
SNK Playmore should stick to the 2-D sprites instead of making the characters modern. Definitely an awkward beast of an item.


My only regret is that I have... Boneitis!
What the fuck is wrong with Terry

Wow, even with the jacket, that didn't even register as him until I saw you say it.

It's like Terry if he got into a car accident and had reconstructive surgery between games. And had to take a dump while the picture was taken.


Mature's Make-up Artist
Terry's face just screams that he hadn't taken a shit since Garou came out...good god.


Mr. Big's Thug
well, I agree with all of you, artworks were definetly better in the early nineties rather than now. But in my opinion, it's another point of view of the artists who makes the pictures.

Without comparing artworks, maybe it's the same changes that we have seen in the characters pictures between the early KOFs eve, KOF 2003 or KOF XII-XIII, very different each other.

But I prefer 100% the SNK-original artworks, of course. I want to buy that calendar if I could, in order to have another official item, that's all.


Does his calendar tell you when SNKP will release the next game that ISN'T a rehash/rerelease/cell phone game/pedo simulator?

Just kidding, I know it doesn't. Thats why IDGAF.


Mr. Big's Thug
rehash/rerelease/cell phone game/pedo simulator?

hahahaha you are right! Today, this OTHER company called SNK-Playmore has definetly lost the right way. And I'm pretty sure that maybe the calendar will be the best item relesed in 2014. Time will say.

Maybe a KOF 94 for I-Fruit mobile phones?:lolz:


Morden's Lackey
You'll change your tune when they reveal KOF XIV and SSVII in a few months. They've already been in the oven for a long time without us knowing about it.


Ukyo's Doctor
You'll change your tune when they reveal KOF XIV and SSVII in a few months. They've already been in the oven for a long time without us knowing about it.

That sounds like a disappointment in the making. Samurai Shodown Sen scarred me.
Id be happier if they did what capcom did with Sf4 and just remake SS2 in 2.5D with characters from other iterations plus some Last Blade Cameos. That would be sweet.


Morden's Lackey
SamSho Sen was outsourced to K2 Limited. SSVII (or whatever it will be called) is being handled internally by SNKP.

KOF XIII should have already proven that they learned their lesson from the failure of XII and Sen (neither of which I thought were bad games, but they seriously lacked polish).

SFIV is in no way a remake of SFII, especially after they've included tons of Alpha, III and new characters as of the umpteenth iteration.


Ukyo's Doctor
They started with the Sf2 as a basis, that's what I meant Id like them to do with Samurai Showdown.


Меня зов
So SNK make a calender ... but you can't buy it.

Are SNK CAVE in disguise? Both of these companies seem to do the utmost to avoid making money of merch.


Igniz's Servent
What is a fact is that there's a loyal community here, and SNKP only give us remnants of a glorious past.

The NeoGeo-X was an interesting attempt to reborn that days but Tonmo fucked up the thing. I really had hopes SNKP would publish some unreleased neogeo game when they finish the official list in the NGX. All fucked up now.