Retro Gamer magazine's terrible Metal Slug feature --reviewed!

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The Wonder Years,
Mar 4, 2001
FOR YOU ROT the argument....

...To be quite frank about this all.... I was bored by this thread... I admit... Rev_Stu made me sit up....

As a UK member and not madly in love with the US culture.... I was surprised to see a UK reviewer with so little knowledge of a supposedly "Retro-Gaming series"... and was close to nearly aplogising for you...

...I've read a few so called Retro Magazines over my time.... yeah.... I've been around a while... I don't post much... and keep myself to myself...

...I saw your review about fraser99's complete Jap collection.... I met the guy... nice bloke...

...Anyway... getting back to point... you say you're 41... a so called reviewer... journalist.... editor... etc etc... but you CAN'T take critiscm on a netz forum...

....I showed this thread to my gf.... and she called you immature.... and some people never mature above a certain point in their lives....

BEFORE you EVEN consider having a go at my gf... she has an unbiased opinion of life... she works in prisons... mental health wards... high risk patients... looking after people worse off than ourselves...

...I wonder if you're married with kids.... if you are.... then why don't you post pics... and show them you're not just an over sensitive human being....

Here's me....



Here's my missus....


Here's my Uni friend coming down for a BBQ last weekend...


... meh... maybe your readership is dying... you were having a bad week.... maybe going to lose your job soon... who cares.... the mature thing to have done was ignored this netz thread... and carry on with your life...

HOWEVER... you chose to try on beat on a forum and members that have seen off better guys than you....

NOW... getting back to the real world.... I'm 36... 37 this year.... I've been around the so called scene as long as most... but... I still have time for noobs... new members... old members.... people who want advice... without the abuse and dumb name calling...

BUT! I also.... NEVER take the netz too fuckin seriously.... so... here's to you Rev_Guy.... and your whole imagine publishing bullshit lie...



S4300051-1.jpg watch this... it sums up what the meaning of retro truly is....



PS. You can TRY and flame me if you wish... but tbh.... I wouldn't care.... want my address... here it is...

Mr Rot Te,
22 Hollin Lane,
M24 5EE.

Mobile... 07534 963 786....

That's how secure I am in who I am.... and to let you and anyone else know where I live and where to contact me.... wanna do the same?



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Apr 15, 2002
Now you're being deliberately obtuse. I find it hard to believe you've been in any business for twenty years without ever being given any guidance or instruction on workplace behavior, or even basic etiquette.

You may be a freelancer, or however your work is arranged, but in the end, it comes down to the same fact I mentioned before: you are a representative of this magazine, like it or not. Your attitude and behavior here reflect poorly on Retrogamer as a whole. Such behavior in any other job, even one as "simple" as working at a McDonald's, would get you fired. You're not hosting a talk show.

I'm not reading this repetitive trash thread any longer.

I just had to quote one of the single stupidest posts I have ever seen on the internet.


duck duck goose
Jun 9, 2005
Out of interest Rot did you rub your bits against the Neo Geo and games you sold me a few years back? I'll never touch it in the same way again :)


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Aug 20, 2000
Rot FTW! What else needs to be said!

Uh, I do have a question. You and I were going back and forth on that Slug 2 Jpn AES... are you going to charge me more now that it has been rubbed all over your nips??? :eek::lol:

I'm just glad I'm not in the market for a Slug 3...
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Teh Mizzle
May 2, 2003
rot.... I almost pissed myself reading you post and watching the vid...

well done rot!


Dodgeball Yakuza
Jan 22, 2003
I think Rot should replace Stu as the next Definitive writer, with full spread and all. Clearly he has more experience with the Slug series than Stu ever will. That was hillarious!


Death Before Dishonesty, Logic Above All,
Feb 13, 2002
I'm not sure the world is ready for "The Definitive Turgid Slug."


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Dec 4, 1977
[Its tough to follow Rot...]

If you summarize this lengthy thread down to its core, you'll find:

(A) Stuart Campbell really couldn't defend himself against my accusations of poor writing (substantively, anyway),

(B) his only real argument is that his article can't be poorly written if it doesn't contain any factual errors.

But don't take my word for it. Since quoting would get long, here are the key posts in this thread (with some summaries), in order:

-- Original Post: Point-by-point I state that Stuart Campbell's terrible Metal Slug piece is badly organized, poorly written, and that it sticks out as a horrible example in a mag I've bought regularly for years. I make the logical conclusion that the author is a poor "journalist", and a hack. (I feel bad for the more qualified writers in the UK and around the world who are losing work because he gets RG to keep employing him)

-- Well before Stuart discovered someone had pointed out his poorly written article, Geddon chimes in to say the review matched his reading --and is joined by Praise the Lard, Kiselgof and YuckMud, who all came to the same conclusion (and they're not even the White Knights or sock puppets)

-- Mr. Campbell's Response. There isn't much substance to summarize: the entire crux of his argument was its meant as a joke, there were no factual errors (which was also false), and his experience gives him better insight into how to write an article. The entire reply is using variations of "I'm a great writer in my own mind" to explain why the article was so poorly written, poorly organized and generally bad compared to the other articles in the same issue. Sure, there were an awful lot of words, but --if it isn't obvious-- Mr. Campbell is great at quantity over quality (and there are apparently people willing to pay for that).

-- Before I can get back to this thread, a lot of members point out it is astonishing that a so-called professional can't take professional criticism. He pretends that I was harsh, but anyone who's read criticism, of movies, books, etc. knows my words were hardly exceptional. In fact, I held back. He doesn't know how to, which is why arguments like this and terrible writing are he has to show for at 41 years.

-- My response (part 2 of it). Thanks to the unexpected surge in drama, 24 hours later its on page 6. I point out his theme of unsuccessfully zeroing in on a handful of issues in my criticism, while ignoring key points. Sorry to reiterate the point: but he doesn't bother to try an answer many of my original points because he can't, and those he tried were effectively refuted. The original article is still poorly organized and executed, and now we also know he can't defend himself very well.

-- In a moment where I assume he didn't actually read the original post, Darran (lead editor of RG) starts repeating Stuart Campbell's argument that a lack of errors removes any accusations of poor writing, omissions, etc... (which has no logical basis). He then basically expresses: "Oh, what can I do? Its not my problem. So I won't do anything." I'm sure I'm not the only one who's studied leadership and management in school; and one aspect of a good leader is the willingness take whatever responsibility --real or perceived-- they can muster to control damage to their organization; not dismissing it on a technicality.

I want to suggest all people reading this thread go to their Borders and Barnes & Noble and read the article --don't buy the magazine unless you enjoy the article. Everyone knows those mega stores welcome people doing this (page through it in the cafe or on the many comfy chairs), and you don't have to fork over $12 plus tax.


Guerilla Warrior,
Jul 12, 2003
This thread has kept me entertained for three days at work. I didnt think it could get any but this is officially EPIC!!!!

Rot....a winnar is yew.



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Dec 10, 2001
OMG :lol:

I won't forget to write "this game has been fucked by Rot himself" if I ever sell any of the games I got from him, I'm sure it will affect the value somehow :buttrock:


Death Before Dishonesty, Logic Above All,
Feb 13, 2002
Just saw the video. Holy crap, I'm in tears from laughing so hard.

Awesome choice of song. Pet Shop Boys are the shit.
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