Post Your Recent Purchases!


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Hello all!
I've seen this type of thread on other forums and couldn't find one here. I always like to browse through what other people have recently picked up to give me an idea what I want for myself.

Please post only your own pictures, no stock images (where's the fun in that?) . I'm not asking to see your whole collection, I just wanna know what you got recently.

I'll start the thread off myself. I recently got into this scene with the pickup of my big red 2 slot:


Picked up a few carts to go along with the cabinet and printed off some inserts for the shockboxes to come:



I decided I was probably going to recap the monitor sooner or later so I upgraded my soldering iron when I had to replace the battery on the motherboard:


I hope there's not another thread like this, I tried searching but couldn't find anything similar. I showed you mine, now let me see yours!


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There's a "Recent Mod" thread.

I don't think there's a "recent purchase" thread persay, but I could be wrong.

Nice cab and games. I would redo the sticks, to give it a more "Retail" look. But congrats.

Two UK Last Blade
One USA Last Blade

Two UK Faselei!
One USA Faselei!

Both US versions I created an insert and manual for them.

The one to the far left is my Capcom vs SNK Card Fighters 2 English Custom Game.

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also the 'today i received' thread.

Yup, that's totally where this belongs. Very sorry about that, I actually never knew that section of the forums existed. At first glance it seemed like the Systems section was only for consoles/handhelds. The "I receive today .." thread can be found here:

Mods feel free to lock if necessary so that we don't have two threads for the same thing. Sorry again for not spotting that thread, was just wanting to make a good first post :(

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its the first time I seen it too as dont visit arcade central much and presumed that was just for arcade items.
Always wondered why there was not a recent purchase thread.

BTW welcome to the forums.
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in all honestly, it is two separate things. but the similarities is there.

Just keep it going, everyone (includ. me) here likes to show off and discuss random gaming stuff.


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Oh god Fire Emblem. I'm playing with permadeath but I can't stand the thought of anyone in my party dieing so I've restarted quite a bit.

You're lucky you got a retail copy, I couldn't find one anywhere and just settled for the e-shop version.


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MVS games received this week:

Magical Drop III
Nam 1975
The Last Blade
Waku Waku 7


Mr. Wrestling IV
I received today is Arcade related exclusively, so this thread is copacetic w/ me.


I picked up the frame you see here-that houses the poster I recently showed in the ' I received today ' thread. ^_^


Lt. Laser,
The following kits mint and complete:

Metal Slug 2
Neo Turfmasters
Shock Troopers
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Aggressors of Dark Kombat
Super Dodgeball

Also have Neo XYX and a wooden CMVS on the way. Tax returns rule! This will be my first delve into the world of MVS. I will focus on getting a full kit collection while its still possible. My goal is five years.
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