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  • ive just let the seller know dont think he will like it he is asking a hell of a lot more lol sometimes your heart rules your mind thanks for the advice mate much appreciated p.s joined that site u mentione jamma+ it wont let me look at stuff for sale or wanted
    hi well as u know ive been looking for a 4/6 slot machine ive located one it aint mint and doesnt come with any games and the front door that cover access to the 4 slot board is missinfg what do you think that is worth i have pics but aint tosure how to post em to ya
    Hey Ian
    You know it's bad luck to still have your christmas decorations up?
    Hi I'm looking to buy a neo geo candy cab and I live in Scotland. I've been told by member of this forum you are the man to ask as you have 8? Anyway if you could get back to me that would be great. I've been searching for one for months now but they have all been in the states. Just to let you know I sent you a message on ebay too as I didn't know how to get a hold of you, all the best,

    Hahah, this is my +1 feedback to chaps. We did a deal in private, and it went great. Great seller, great guy. I have no thread to point to, so I'm submitting it as a profile comment =)
    Wish I got that kinda money... Sadly I work for someone else so get peanuts..... Ho well...
    Hi from a MVS board and cart buyer from ebay - great job. Look forward to some future business :)
    where can I buy neo geo aes could you help me? thanks
    I also wanted to tell you that I try Ganryu mvs. hello Take care you and your family, we are on facebook
    where can I buy neo geo aes could you help me? thanks
    I also wanted to tell you that I try Ganryu mvs. hello Take care you and your family feel about facebook...
    Hey fella,

    All arrived on friday. Thanks for that, plays great!

    My Multi Cart also arrived so its been a Neo Weekend!

    Oh one other thing, do you know how to book the MVS up in home mode?

    Let me know chap, hope you're all good.


    Just sent a PM to you re some sales.

    And thanks to be so kind on the boards to noobs like me. :lolz:
    Yeah, I'm not too bad now thanks for asking.

    Just started stripping our bathroom, now I have my glands fighting something probably from the dust, so its been fun lol

    Hope you're enjoying the games, is everything ok with them?

    Take care
    The old Dandys aint doing to well these days.

    I eventually saw your post with your location on the left hand side, stilll getting used to the layout of this place.

    So any tips for here? Seem like a tough crowd, a lot of wary people about. I have already been accused of spamming to boost my post count, and that was just in a thread chatting about movies.
    I still tryng to work that one out, does seem to be mostly US based though.

    Im up in Aberdeen, what about yourself?
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ElecMan wrote on WilalvesBR's profile.
Hi, I saw your YouTube video where you displayed your MegaMan the Power Battle Rental Board. Would you be intereswd in selling it? I can make you an offer. Thanks

Olá, vi seu vídeo no YouTube em que você exibiu seu MegaMan, o Painel de aluguel do Power Battle. Você estaria interessado em vendê-lo? Eu posso te fazer uma oferta. Obrigado
Sylvie wrote on Mr.Bojangles's profile.
Fuck you
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SNKGalSimp wrote on Mai_Lover's profile.
Hi there, I am a Mai fan too and I just joined.