MV1F Battery Leak - No sound

Neo Alec

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Dec 7, 2000
This is aa far as I got with a silent AES I sold years back. I checked all the traces, replaced the Z80 and 68K, but got nowhere. Hoping for a better outcome with yours. I'm sure someone could have fixed it.
Oct 4, 2001
It's Aliiiive!!

Two additional traces, both checked out fine when I did the initial repair, were damaged between the Z80 RAM and NEO-C1. Added a pair of additional wires to the PCB spanning the broken traces, and the diagnostics ran 100%. Put the original BIOS back in, and hey presto, the sounds are functional again.

Very pleased. I spent half as much on parts as a replacement board, including the hot air station, but it was totally worth it in the end.

Thanks for all your assistance. =)

Now to see if the AES deck I yanked that RAM from can be made to work again... ^__^