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    The new Batman is....

    Predictions: Affleck does a good job Movie is only so-so. WB now has an Oscar-winning director for the JL movie.
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    Of all videogames to never get a movie treatment...

    At your local video store. It goes by the name Alien.
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    "Ultimate Gaming Rig" - Worst sham perpetrated on gamers in the 90s?

    I can't believe they were still doing this well into 2006. The last one I saw was probably around '97 or '98 (then again, I was pretty much done with print video game magazines around 2003). I want to say there's another article that takes a look at the promotion and how it ensured no one...
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    Military coup topples democratically elected Egyptian Pres. Morsi, suspends constitution

    How is it that Mid-Easterners are able to print up signs and banners so quickly, yet I can't find a goddamn Kinkos that'll stay open after work??
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    Official A/V Thread

    Of course, that should've been the first thing I post: The receiver is a Hitachi HTA-3000. The speakers are from a Phillips MCD 139 (which, I've done some searches and some have just plain 'ol speaker wire in the back, not all this crazy DIN mumbo jumbo).
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    Official A/V Thread

    Oh wise A/V nerds, help me! Long story short, how can I get this: to play well with this: which has this in the back: because the receiver looks like this: and that would look pretty boss. (I'm in the middle of a move, during the week I'll have some actual pictures)
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    and so, somebody on twitter is using my pictures. lol

    Dude, we get it, you're buff.
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    Daft Punk: Random Access Memories - A Brilliant Experiment Gone Awry

    Darius Rucker?? EDIT: Really?!? Half the fun of music is blindly buying an album for one or two tracks, only to find out the rest ain't so bad, either.
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    Daft Punk: Random Access Memories - A Brilliant Experiment Gone Awry

    I think Jedah's biggest problem is that he's putting too much thought into the music of Daft Punk. For a band that has said- -about one of their albums, you can see where this is a problem. Somewhat contradictory, let's look at Discovery (the album being discussed in the quote) as the...
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    So you're online, what are you doing?

    Other than here? Facebook (I'm on it all the time, even though I don't really do anything on it- I really need to clean up my Friends List). Mentalfloss Cracked MSN & Yahoo (I love punishing myself and reading the comments on both sites) The A.V. Club (work) MSPRP (work)...
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    As I Lay Dying Frontman Caught in Murder For Hire...

    I hate to break it to you, but that money went somewhere else...
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    Robocop: TV edited/dubbed scenes...

    They've done it. And it IS fun.
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    Religion ugh...not again

    I find myself agreeing with Trey Parker's views on religion. In essence: religions are silly, but the idea we're here for no reason is sillier.
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    Vinyl record thread/ What you have/ What you like?

    I have a decent sized collection- Mostly stuff released within the last 50+ years. There's a little bit of everything. Mostly "classics," but there's a few oddities in there. I've been blessed to build a nice collection (and setup) mostly through thrifting. I've tracked down many great albums...