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Template:CharacterInfoboxShikyoh (紫鏡, Shikyō) is a character in the The Last Blade series. His official slogan is "Living Nightmare: 彷徨う悪夢". His character takes inspiration from Udo Jin-e, a villain in Ruruoni Kenshin.

He is voiced by Monster Maezuka.


Shikyoh was a member of the Shinsengumi, but he joined only as a means to kill as many people as he can. He was expelled from the group by Keiichiro Washizuka, but escaped unpunished to continue his rampage. Growing bored of killing commoners, Shikyoh desired stronger opponents. He meets a strange man who tells him to go to Hell's Gate to sate his bloodlust. Intrigued, Shikyoh heads there in anticipation.

He was also responsible for murdering Kojiroh Sanada, a fellow Shinsengumi. While Hell's Gate was being closed, Shikyoh is lured close and trapped in the Makai until he returned as Mukuro.


Shikyoh is a mass-murdering, sadistic, demented, twisted freak. Shikyoh likes to make his victims suffer and he loves to see the color of blood on his hands and blade.

Fighting Style

Shikyoh fits in the "freak" archetype. He fights with two swords that can unite at the hilts to form a single weapon. While they are connected, he can throw his weapon like a boomerang and at high speeds, spin them at the hilt for close range combat. He generally uses little technique or finesse while fighting as he aims only to torture his opponents to their deaths.

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