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Template:CharacterInfobox Mukuro (骸 which means corpse) is a character in the The Last Blade series. His official slogan is "Hell Beast: 地獄ノ淵ニ棲ムモノ".

He is voiced by Monster Maezuka.


After his death, Shikyoh was re-animated in the form of a zombie named Mukuro. With his love of killing still fresh in his mind along with his few memories and fighting style, Mukuro wanders the land in his undead form, continuing to kill innocents. His story ends as a joke ending from the creators that breaks the fourth wall (he'll throw kisses to players and bump into the "Game Over" text).

Canonically, he is slain by Kojiroh's sister, Kaori who sought to avenge her brother's death at his hands.


Senseless and mindless, Mukuro is a former shade of his living self. He exists only to kill.


  • Undeath - Mukuro is a zombie that is resistant to death.

Fighting Style

He uses the same fighting style he used while still living.

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