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Kojroh Sanada in The Last Blade.

Kojiroh Sanada (真田 小次郎, Sanada Kojirō) is a character in The Last Blade and Kaori Sanada's older brother.

He is voiced by Shoichi Oyama.


Kojiroh was the Shinsengumi captain of the fictional Unit Zero, which investigated demonic forces in Japan, following the concept of Bushidō. He was ordered to investigate the "Hell's Gate" and to dispatch the exiled member, Shikyoh. In his ending, he finds Shikyoh and defeats him in battle. While he was glancing at his sister's keepsake, Shikyoh begins to laugh. It's later revealed in the sequel that Kojiroh was killed by him.


Kojiroh is a loyal warrior who stays true to his duty. He treasures his sister as she idolizes him.


  • Energy Projectile: Kojiroh can fire a projectile of energy from his sword.
  • Energy Attacks: Kojiroh can fuel his sword with ki energy.
  • Fast Slashing: Kojiroh can deliver several slashes almost at the same time.

Fighting Style

Tennen Rishin-ryū was a real fighting style and the fighting style of the Shinsengumi. It uses various horizontal and vertical slashes. He plays nearly identical to Washizuka but some of his attacks are later corporated for Kaori.

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