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Template:CharacterInfoboxShinnosuke Kagami (Template:Furigana Template:Furigana, Kagami Shinnosuke), commonly called by his surname Kagami, is a 31 year-old character from the Last Blade series. He was the featured boss character of the first game but he became a playable character in the sequel. His symbolic items are western clothing and his sword. His official slogan is "Crisis Christ": Template:FuriganaTemplate:Furigana (Daten no Ken, lit. Fallen Heaven's Sword).

He was modeled after the anime character Shinobu Sensui, one of the main antagonists in YuYu Hakusho (he even had a mole on his face during his earlier concepts). The choice to dress him in an inverness cape was made to represent Japan's growing acceptance of foreign ideals, which was deliberately meant to be ironic to his role in the first game.

He is voiced by Makoto Awane.


Kagami is one of the guardians of “Hell’s Gate”, a portal that allows demons and evil energy to seep through to the mortal plane humans call Earth. After residing over his position and finding (or so he thought) that the humans he protected were weak and inferior to himself, he decides to release the seal on the portal. Along with this, he goes on a horrific killing spree, murdering various warriors including Gaisei.

After five years of preparatory action to unseal the gate, including imprisoning his fellow guardian, Shigen Naoe, Shinnosuke is eventually found by Kaede, who has the latent power of the Seiryū. Kaede defeats him; humiliated by his defeat, Kagami is thrown into the depths of Hell’s Gate as eternal punishment. However, he is soon reincarnated in a new form to fulfill his role as a guardian, as the portal is being opened by another force. Kagami sets out to fulfill his destiny, and to seek atonement.

Okina mentors Kagami throughout the series, in an attempt to convince him against his views towards humans. As per his ending, not only did Okina succeeded, but Kagami regained his faith towards humanity, participated in the sealing ritual and eventually became a father figure to Kotetsu after Shigen died during the sealing rites.

However, the latter part of his ending cinematic in The Last Blade 2 ends in a cryptic note, fast-forward to the present day, declaring ..or so it is hoped, folly would never march again, suggesting his prior grievance towards humans may have a valid reason after all.


Shinnosuke Kagami is a refined gentleman who is pretentious to people who don't amuse him. His act of rebellion towards mankind may have been fueled by his exposure to humanity's worst traits, hence setting in motion the events of the game. He once loathed people who he thought were beneath him, but he eventually believes that they are the hope of the future.


  • Pyrokinesis - With Suzaku, Kagami can control fire. He can create fire from thin air, create fire balls, deliver punches of fire, create pillars of fire and put his own body on fire. He is not immune to other types of fire. He cannot control other fires that he didn't create.
    • Fireball - Kagami can throw a projectile of fire towards his enemy.
    • Fiery attacks - Kagami can draw arcs of flame in the air with the movement of his arms. This power is used with punches and strikes to damage the opponent.
    • Explosion - Kagami can create an explosion around anything he touches. He usually uses this around the opponents face.
    • Body of Fire - Kagami can cover his body with fire and not being burned by it. He charges at his opponent, burning him/her in the process.
    • Firebird - Kagami can create a construct made of fire around his body. This construct has the appearance of a firebird, or phoenix, representing Suzaku. The construct enables him to deal massive fire damage.
  • Float - When Suzaku is awakened, he gains the power to levitate.
  • Fly - When Suzaku is awakened, Kagami gains the power to fly short distances at amazing speeds.
  • Energy Projection - When Suzaku is awakened, Kagami is able to project a beam of energy that can also ricochet on the ground.
    • Energy Gathering - Kagami can gather ambient ki energy to empower his body and spirit.

Fighting Style

Kagami fights with his own version of kendo and flame, focusing on wide-yet-careful one-handed swings. When he is awakened, his flames are tinted blue.

A lot has been changed in his transition from boss to regular character, including added attack frames and re-imagined attacks. In good hands, Kagami is just as deadly as his boss version but now requires skills and visualization to do so.

His prominent strengths comes from blind-siding attacks such as his overhead dive, certain overhead attacks (Shiranui follow-up from Gōen Sō), unblockable super attacks, just like his boss form, and his command grab, which can ruin an enemy's momentum. His strong slash (B) and more prominently, his power slash (Fwd+B), while significantly toned down to regular damage, is a table-turner when done as a counter-attack or right after a repel attack. This is particularly true for the latter, and the former provides more damage when incorporated into combos. His kick attack does not send the opponent crashing to the wall, but instead slides to the ground.

Along with Musashi, he can charge his super meter to gain access to his DMs faster, which is especially helpful in EX mode where his power gain is slower, and the move is not affected by the mode's balance change.

Kagami is far more fearsome in Power in terms of inflicting damage with careful links and surprise counterattacks. On the other hand, this makes him easy to read, and requires utilizing a lot from his arsenal to keep opponents guessing. This predictability pitfall is remedied by EX mode, which sacrifices some endurance and a bit of strength for more unpredictability, or a reactive punishing gameplay style in Power, using unblockable attacks, and of course, his notorious power slash comeback attack.


  • Red Phoenix - Last Blade
  • Evil Gods' Portal - Last Blade

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