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Template:CharacterInfoboxShigen Naoe (直衛 示源, Naoe Shigen) is a character from The Last Blade series and is voiced by Enma Itō. His symbolic item is the Byakko rosary that he wears. His official slogan for is "Iron Tiger": 鉄腕猛虎.


Shigen is a guardian of a portal called the “Hell’s Gate”. Before the events of the first game, he is magically sealed in a massive stone for ten years by his friend Shinnosuke Kagami who perceived him to be a threat in his plan for opening the Hell's Gate. He eventually escaped, but clouded by his rage and anger, he could only think of getting back at his captor. He set out to exact revenge.

By the events of The Last Blade 2, Shigen had regained his senses and remembered that he had a daughter. To atone for his ten year absence, he traveled to the mountains to spend time with her while training. During this timeframe, he noticed the evil aura that emanated from the opened “Hell’s Gate”. As one of its guardians, he set out to close it, leaving his sleeping daughter in the darkness of night. However, he was initially unaware that his daughter knew of his departure and that she was following him at a distance.

There is a code that the player can enter at the character select screen so that when playing as Shigen, his daughter will appear instead of him as his intro before a match.

Shigen, along with Yuki, Gaisei, and Zantetsu are the only known characters to die after the events of The Last Blade 2. Shigen died of overexhaustion due to his powers as the avatar of Byakkko. Afterwards, it is implied Kagami ended up adopting and raising his daughter in his place.


Shigen was a calm man, always in touch with nature and with his family, but after he was sealed away, he lost his senses and emotions and became a berserker.

He was slowly recovering his emotions, and eventually recovered his joy in the time he spent with Kotetsu.


As an avatar of Byakko, the White Tiger, Shigen can use the Rosary of Byakko. The rosary transforms the arm it's on into a steel like substance. With effort, Shigen can transform his entire body into this substance.

  • Superhuman Strength - Probably granted by Byakko, Shigen is extremely strong.
  • Energy Strike - He can infuse the arm holding the Rosary with energy, and release it in close range bursts centered on his hand.
  • Slashing Energy - By attacking the opponent with the arm holding the Rosary of Byakko in a clawing motion, he can infuse this strike with energy, effectively cutting his opponent with his bare hands.
    • Claws of Byakko - A powered version of his energy slashes. With effort, Shigen can conjure several energy slashes in an area directly in front of him. These slashes, although many, appear almost simultaneously, and if used on an enemy, will cause severe damage.
  • Stalagmite - Shigen can create stalagmites on the ground. He usually throws his opponents on top of them, or makes them appear on the ground under a fallen opponent.

Fighting Style

Shigen fights with his arm as a main weapon, but uses his strength to employ grappling moves. He can turn his arm or his entire body into iron either offensively or defensively, or a combination of both. Only his clawing strike and certain DMs deal slashing damage, with the rest as either blunt or grappling damage.

His moves are either outright attacks or bait attacks, where he can counter almost immediately after taking damage. They are usually slow, due to their nature, and can put Shigen in trouble if not used carefully.

Because of his gameplay, Shigen is best played in Power, a challenge to use in Speed, and highly risky in EX, due to him taking more damage, despite having more attacking options. Thus, Shigen is more effective in Power alone.

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