Deku no Shigen

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Deku no Shigen

Deku no Shigen (木偶の示源) is a character exclusive to the PlayStation port of The Last Blade. This form is also voiced by Enma Itō.


This version of Shigen is a doll made to replicate Shigen's actions. He was subconsciously created by the real Shigen, who is still sealed away. Thinking himself to be human, the Shigen puppet goes to Hades' Gate to seal it. However, he doesn't harness Byakko's power and therefore cannot properly close the portal. In his ending, Kagami berates him for trying to overstep his bounds as a copy.


  • Superhuman Strength - Deku no Shigen is extremely strong.

Fighting Style

Deku no Shigen plays in the same manner as the real Shigen. The main difference between them is that he lacks Byakko's rosary and some of Shigen's stalagmite powers.

Game Appearances


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