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Template:CharacterInfobox Musashi Akatsuki (暁 武蔵 Akatsuki Musashi), roughly translated as "The Risen Musashi", is a sub boss character in The Last Blade, and is an alternate portrayal of or perhaps a character modeled after the famous Miyamoto Musashi.

Although a playable character in the first game (via code), he is not allowed in matches. The Neo Geo CD and Dreamcast ports of The Last Blade 2 have him available in two player mode. His official slogan is "Ghost Blade: 魔神二天流" (Majin Niten-Ryū, lit. Demon God Two Heaven-Style).

He is voiced by Franky Nakamura.


Miyamoto Musashi was a legendary swordsman who once traveled the countryside, honing his skills and challenging worthy opponents along the way. He eventually passed away.

When Shinnosuke Kagami begins his plan to open Hell’s Gate, he resurrects Musashi to see how an individual from a warring era would react to the current historical setting. His soul is bound to Hell's Gate so he acts as Kagami's unwilling bodyguard. When Musashi is defeated again, he solemnly bids farewell to his opponent before his body dissolves into a beam of light.


Even death could not alter Musashi's honorable swordsman spirit. He will cut down anyone who comes near him, yet only if they have the courage to face him.


  • Energy Attacks - Musashi can infuse his sword with dark and light energy.
  • Energy Geyser - Musashi can create a geyser of energy.

Fighting Style

Musashi fights with a powerful double-sword fighting style. He uses the best of his two swords, usually making feint attacks with his wakizashi and performing his more powerful attacks with his katana.

In his Last Blade 2 incarnation, many of his gameplay aspects were toned down, particularly in damage and speed. However, he is now perfectly balanced and is best suited in Power or EX, where his combos deal tremendous damage with the right skill and foresight, reaction speed and hitbox size notwithstanding.


  • Sword Saint - The Last Blade

Game Appearances



The Last Blade The Last Blade (Palette swap) Winning pose


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