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Template:CharacterInfoboxFor this character, he is only known by his titular name and does not possess a given name and a family name.

Genbu no Okina (玄武の翁, translated as “Old Man of the Black Tortoise”) or simply Okina, is a character in the Last Blade series. He was first introduced in The Last Blade and is a member of the Four Gods, namely Genbu, the Black Tortoise. His official slogan is "Fighting Hermit: 闘う隠者 (A hermit in conflict)".

He is voiced by Shigefumi Nakai.


Genbu no Okina is a guardian of the demonic portal known as “Hell’s Gate”. For years, he and the other three guardians stood watch over its seal. For many years it was peaceful and Okina resigned himself to fishing and the complacent life of a hermit. Five years into his life of leisure, he was found by Kaede, who wished to train with him to improve his own sword skills. Okina taught the young man all he knew and Kaede left after he had improved his skills. Sensing the boy’s departure and inquiry for training as a sign of trouble, Okina followed him at a distance.

Despite Kaede preventing the opening of the Gate, it had still not been sealed properly. As the oldest guardian, Okina was aware of that and knew that to properly seal the portal, the legendary “Sealing Maiden” was required to perform the ritual. He also discovered that an assassin called the “Messenger From Afar” was rumored to pursue the maiden. Determined to fulfill his role as a guardian, Okina set out on a journey.


An experienced fighter that loved solitude. He loves his land and lives to protect it from the dangers of Makai. Okina believes that Kagami and Shigen are not evil. This is further proven in Okina's ending in the first game, where he scolds Kagami for his actions, and later praise Kagami in his improvement, in Kagami's own ending in the second game.

He also believes deeply that Kaede will become a perfect guardian. Okina was also a friend of Gaisei, and most likely took over Kaede, Yuki and Moriya's training after Gaisei's death.


  • Hydrokinesis - Okina has the power to control water, as it was given by Genbu.
    • Water Attacks - By spinning around, Okina can infuse his attacks with watery energy, causing more damage to his opponents.
    • Water Teleportation - Okina can disappear into a puddle of water and reappear somewhere else, a move he uses to escape or to surprise attack his opponents.
    • Water Vortex - Focusing his power, Okina can spin around and create a powerful vortex of water around himself, strong enough to have his opponent locked inside it, causing severe damage.
  • Longevity - By the time of Last Blade, Okina is 128 years old.
  • Animal Empathy - Okina can communicate with turtles.
  • Summoning - A power granted by Genbu, Okina has the ability to summon and control a variety of tortoises, and wisely uses them in battle. He can summon from young to fully grown tortoises, as well as some with mystical powers. One of his tortoises has a healing touch, and he uses it in dire straits. Also, by calling the power of Genbu, he can summon a powerful creature. The beast's appearance is similar to a wingless dragon with a tortoise-like shell. It has a serpentine body, supported by four turtle-like legs, that ends in a long, prehensile tail. It also has a separate set of white fur-covered tails, that gives it a somewhat regal appearance. Its color (blue shell with salmon skin) seems to reflect that this creature is not Genbu itself, but probably, a servant or avatar of the Guardian. Genbu makes the creature fall on his opponent, crushing him/her beneath its weight. The creature then proceeds to trample on the enemy and moves out of screen. Okina's straw basket seems to be his summoning focus, with it acting as a portal whence his creatures, no matter its size, are called into battle.

Fighting Style

Okina is a master of the sword, but he does not use one. He uses a fishing rod in battle and the aid of his turtles as well. His small stature gives him sneaky options to wreak havoc to opponents, and can unleash a SDM without the chime warning for a surprise attack.

Okina can also heal himself using his own turtle.

Okina is more potent in Power, but is more effective in EX, which increases his mindgames factor, for which he has enough moves such as a teleport motion, a command grab, turtle attacks and several expansion moves. This may take time to get the hang of, though.

Game Appearances


The Last Blade The Last Blade - Beyond the Destiny



  • In the announcement for the 3rd DLC for the 2019 game Samurai Shodown, he was speculated, but eventually deconfirmed as a possible DLC character for the game. However, due to his longevity and age, he would be the only character so far to be canonically and chronologically compatible in appearance. This DLC slot eventually went to Hibiki Takane.


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